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Original research

A comparative assessment of the causes and risk factors of infertility in urban
Chinara Gulmamedova;

A new approach in the complex treatment of chronic infectious prostatitis
Marat Askhakov; Vyacheslav Chebotarev; Islam Lajpanov;

Acne treatment in patients with connective tissue dysplasia
Marina Koshel; Vyacheslav Chebotarev;

Acute coronary syndrome in young patients with familial hyperchoolesterolemia based on the results of Oracul II observation trial
Anastasia Averkova; Victoria Brazhnik; Olga Koroleva; Ekaterina Zubova; Niyaz Hasanov; Yuri Chichkov; Marina Chichkova; Olga Kozlova; Natalia Kovalenko; Elena Kosmacheva;

Adherence to treatment: techniques, technologies correctinginadequate adherence to therapy
Arsen Koychuev;

Allergen-specific immunotherapy in the Omsk region – yesterday, today and tomorrow
Elena Nadia; Klimentina Nesterova; Galina Nechaeva; Valeriy Sovalkin;

An esophageal anastomosis leakage in case of esophageal atresia
Mikhail Chepurnoy; Gennady Chepurnoy; Valery Katsupeev; Boris Rosin; Maxim Kovalyov;

An improvement of treatment newborns optimization of management of necrotizing enterocolitis in newborns
Sergey Minaev; Elena Tovkan; Alexandr Kachanov; Alesya Isaeva;

Anatomical and functional peculiarities of the heart coronary bed on intravital coronary angiography
Oxana Lezhnina; Alexandr Korobkeev;

Angiotensin converting ensyme inhibitors (Captopril and Monopril) effect in children with dilated cardiomiopathy
Natalia Berezneva; Elena Arsenyeva; Elena Basargina; Vsevolod Pinelis; Nato Vashakmadze;

Aparasitism and anti-parasitism principle in liver echinococcosis surgery: results
Albert Vafin; Arthur Aidemirov; Artur Abdokov; Alexander Popov; Ekaterina Mashurova; M Malanka;

Assesment of microbiological status in children with abnormalities of dental system by the results bakteriologis of molecular genetic research
Dmitry Domenyuk; Vladimir Zelenskiy; Anna Karslieva; Igor Bazikov;

Assessment of proliferative activity and apoptosis in patients with autoimmune thyroiditis
Valentina Botasheva; Grigory Dzhikarv; Olesya Sevryukova;

Association of insulin resistance and obesity with impaired immune response to нepatitis B vaccination in health care workers
Larisa Tkachenko; Viktor Maleyev; Ludmila Rtishcheva;

Bacterial spectrum of a mucous membrane of the mouth organs and periodontal pockets at patients on the background of parodontitis
Tatyana Markina; Yuri Mayboroda; Elvira Uryasyeva;

Calcium homeostasis in patients with osteoarthritis
Vitaly Obydenkov; Igor Totrov; Zara Khetagurova;

Cardio-vascular risks in penitentiary men
Zaira Tatarova; Anatoly Elgarov; Maryana Kalmykova; Marat Elgarov;

Cardiointervalography in asessment of adaptation to military service
Atsamaz Kaloev; Evgenii Malevanets; Sergei Karpov;

Changes in the spectrum of synovial fluid globulin in gonarthrosis
Elena Matveeva; Irina Talashova; Elena Spirkina;

Characteristics of awareness of 14–17 year schoolboys of the reproductive health principles
Valentina Muravyeva; Vladimir Zenin;

Choise of a treatment method of hemorrhoids and paraproctitis in patients with patological scarring susceptibility
Alexandr Muravyev; Peter Lavreshin; Vladimir Gobejishvili; Vladimir Linchenko; Oksana Vladimirova; Vakhtang Gobejishvili; Oleg Lysenko; Roman Juravel; Vyacheslav Malyugin;

Clinical and diagnostic features of the musculoskeletal system pathology in patients with joint hypermobility syndrome
Galina Saneeva; Alexandr Vorotnikov; Georgy Airapetov;

Clinical and epidemiological aspects of tumours of the central nervous system in children’s population of Stavropol territory
Svetlana Dushko; Inna Stremenkova; Margarita Gevandova; Alexandr Rogov;

Clinical and laboratory parallels in infants with lactase insufficiency
Leonid Klimov; Irina Zakharova; Olga Kuleshova; Victoria Kuryaninova;

Clinical and morphological predictors in the surgical treatment of hilar cholangiocarcinoma
Yuri Zharikov; Yuri Kovalenko; Alexey Zhao;

Clinical experience with Bio-PAK digital complex in occlusal disorders treatment, the associate posture violations
Elena Vakushina; Sergey Bragin; Alexandr Bragin; Pavel Grigorenko; Victoria Kravchenko;

Comparative analysis of morphofunctional parameters of the heart coronary bed in norm and myocardial infarction
Oxana Lezhnina; Alexandr Korobkeev;

Comparative characteristics of immunomodulatory effect of foam intragastric cocktails of different gas composition in patients with atopic dermatitis
Leonid Starokozhko; Ivan Gajdamaka; Anna Tishaeva;

Comparative characteristics of injuries in blunt abdominal trauma with liver damage in cases of compression impact on the abdominal area an d falls on stomach
Yuri Pigolkin; Irina Dubrovina; Arshak Mosoyan; Vladimir Nikolenko; Alexey Bychkov; Bella Khachaturian; Egor Sedykh;

Comparative evaluation of effectiveness of different instrumental methods of improvement of surgical approach in surgical treatment of gastric cancer
Oleg Orlov; Evgenii Girev;

Complex, three-dimensional reconstruction of critical size defects following delayed implant placement using stem cell-containing subepithelial connective tissue graft and allogenic human bone blocks for horizontal alveolar bone augmentation: a case report as proof of clinical study principles
Wolf-Dieter Grimm; Mathias Plöger; Ingmar Schau; Alexander Vukovic; Evgeny Shchetinin; Albert Akkalaev; Ruzanna Avanesyan; Sergey Sirak;

Complexity and diagnostics errors of pulmonary arteries embolism in multifield hospital
Svetlana Nemirova; Alexandr Kuznetsov; Alexandr Medvedev; Luiza Kodzoeva; Inna Krinina; Anna Artifexova; Oxana Pershina;

Complications of the direct esophageal anastomosis in esophageal atresia
Mikhail Chepurnoy; Gennady Chepurnoy; Valery Katsupeev; Maxim Kovalyov; Igor Shitikov; Anton Kulakov; Nikolay Gasanov; Oleg Kabanov;

Current guidelines for management of bronchial asthma outpattients
Oxana Pozdnyakova; Vladimir Baturin;

Delayed breast reconstruction after mastectomy
Enver Baychorov; Igor Kunpan;

Detection of gnathological triad index in patients with retention of permanent teeth by modern diagnostic methods
Elena Vakushina; Alexandr Bragin; Pavel Grigorenko; Sergey Bragin;

Detoxification process of patients with obstructive jaundice of various genesis
Natalia Shahnazaryan; Arthur Aidemirov; Albert Vafin; Arsen Shahnazaryan;

Development and experimental use of new dental materials for stimulation of reparative osteogenesis in the treatment of destructive forms of chronic periodontitis
Alla Sirak; Evgeny Shchetinin; Sergey Sirak; Armenak Arutyunov; Liana Parazyan; Olga Ignatiadi; Eldar Dygov;

Diagnosis and surgical treatment of the rectal forms of hirshprungs disease in children
Rasul Abayhanov; Igor Kirgizov; Artem Shakhtarin; Maxim Aprosimov;

Diagnosis of localised prostate cancer in a specialized uroandrological center
Tatiana Derevyanko; Igor Panchenko; Eduard Marabyan; Oleg Garmash; Andrey Shipilov;

Dinamics of the quality of life in children with celiac disease, complicated with protein-energetic insufficiency, on the background of the nutritional support
Madina Daguzhieva; Victoria Kuryaninova; Leonid Klimov; Marina Stoyan; Oksana Feodosiadi; Elena Gerasimenko; Roza Atanesyan; Svetlana Dolbnya;

Dmitry Efremenko; Vitaly Efremenko; Irina Kuznetsova; Tatyana Taran; Anna Efremenko; Olga Kogotkova;

Double esophagostomy сomplications in children with esophageal atresia
Mikhail Chepurnoy; Gennady Chepurnoy; Andrey Kivva;

Duration of latent period and iron deficiency development in children with celiac disease
Leonid Klimov; Victoria Kuryaninova; Marina Stoyan; Dayana Asaturova; Elena Gerasimenko; Madina Daguzhieva;

Dynamics of echocardiography data in elderly patients with arterial hypertension with background of combined hypotensive therapy depending on type of left ventricle remodeling
Leyla Gadzhieva; Kubatay Masuev; Madina Ibragimova;

Ecologic and epidemiologic features of toxoplasmosis in Dagestan Republic
Tamara Tsarueva; Magomed Saidov; Albina Dzhalilova; Dinara Dzhalilova; Bariyat Saidova; Zaira Saidova; Gazi Gaziev;

Effect of Bacillus anthracis strains culture conditions on their phagosensitivity
Tatyana Golovinskaya; Olga Tsygankova;

Effect of different levels of environmental pollution on the formation of diseases of the liver, gallbladder and pancreas in children in environmental conditions of Krasnodar region
Victoria Shashel; Pavel Levin; Galina Naumenko; Alexandra Shashel;

Effect of selective immunotherapy on recurrence rate of small pelvis adhesive process caused by external genital endometriosis
Roman Pavlov; Ants Pydra; Victor Aksenenko;

Effectiveness of complex therapy for endometrioid ovarian cysts depending on the presence or absence of undifferentiated dysplasia of connective tissue
Ekaterina Aleksanova; Victor Aksenenko;

Effectiveness of laparoscopic interventions in children with intestinal intussusception
Yuri Sokolov; Sergey Korovin; Grachik Tumanyan; Elena Volodko; Igor Kirgizov; Alexander Dzyadchik; Israil Allahverdiev;

Efficiency of therapeutic-orthopedic measures in complex treatment of periodontitis on the background of partial loss of teeth and traumatic occlusion
Yuri Mayboroda; Elvira Uryasyeva; Elena Belaya; Igor Aksenov;

Elastography of shift wave in diagnostics of prostate diseases
Alexandr Bolotskov; Andrey Volkov; Mikhail Petrichko;

Endotoxinemia in antiviral therapy for chronic hepatitis C and its potential pharmacologic corrections
Natalya Geyvandova; Alexandr Yagoda; Ekaterina Bondarenko;

Erythropoetin and proinflammatory cytokines production against the undifferentiated dysplasia of the connecting tissue at congenital developmental anomalies of urinary system organs at children
Aneta Mambetova; Rashid Zhetishev; Nina Shabalova;

Ethylmethylhydroxypyridine malate effect on hepar metabolic function in patients with different functional classes of chronic heart failure
Vladimir Kukes; Evgeniya Shih; Anna Zhestovskaia; Ludmila Pavlova; Olga Goroshko;

Evaluation of life quality in patients with acne in conjunction with connective tissue dysplasia
Marina Koshel; Natalya Chebotareva; Irina Vorushilina; Maria Evsevyeva;

Evaluation of the body adaptive and regulatory status at different stages of compensation of edematous form of premenstrual syndrome
Irina Kutsenko; Maria Babicheva;

Experience of emplying extracorporal shock-wave therapy for treating limb enthesopathies in patients with articular hypermobility syndrome
Alexandr Vorotnikov; Galina Saneeva; Andrey Tzimbal;

Experience of students health care service organization in «Health center» of Kuban State Medical University
Sergey Alekseenko; Diana Gubareva;

Feasibility of allocation of persons with signs prehypertension in preventive medical investigation of student youth
Maria Evsevyeva; Elena Mistchenko; Maria Rostovtseva; Oksana Sergeeva; Ilona Galkova; Т Smirnova;

Features of the heart subepicardial arterial bed in health and pathology
Oxana Lezhnina; Alexandr Korobkeev;

Features of microvascular reactivity in patients with bronchial asthma combined with arterial hypertension and ischemic heart disease
Aziza Akhmineeva; Olga Polunina; Irina Sevostyanova; Lyudmila Voronina;

Features of speech disorders of preschool children of urban and rural areas in the European North of Russia
Lyubov Fedotova; Andrey Solovyev;

Group and rhesus identity of the blood of healthy and cerebral palsy children in the population of the Rostov region
Vladimir Tupikov; Viktor Shamik;

Health parameters of the first year students in Stavropol
Valeria Brusneva;

Health related quality of life in Volgograd region
Alexandr Nenarokov;

Histochemical characteristics of reparative dentinogenesis of the tooth pulp when using tissue -engineered structures
Sergey Sirak; Evgeny Shchetinin; Tatyana Kobylkina; Olga Dilekova; Alla Sirak; Liana Parazyan; Marina Vafiadi;

Homeopathy in complex reconstructive treatment of the abutment teeth parodontium using cermets prostheses
Maxim Bondarenko; Evgeny Bragin; Tatyana Aksenova; Alexandr Bondarenko;

Hygienic assessment of nourishment and physical development of preschool children in Stavropol
Anjelika Tsirikhova; Boris Minaev;

Immunomodulatory and antibacterial preparations in etiotropic therapy of plague in experimental animals
Irina Borzdova; Olga Logvinenko; Ekaterina Rakitina; Alexandr Borzdov; Elena Zhilchenko; Dmitry Ponomarenko; Marina Kostyuchenko;

Impact of prophylactic medical examination of patients after teeth prosthetics with different state of pulp on the dental oral health and life quality
Evgeny Bragin; Tatyana Aksenova; Alexandr Bondarenko; Maxim Bondarenko; Nina Martirosyan;

Improvement of anthax phagodiagnostics: evaluation of bacteriophage «186» specificity
Tatyana Golovinskaya; Olga Tsygankova; Alla Ryazanova; Alexandr Kulichenko;

Influence of anemia on quality of life in patients with chronic kidney disease on renal replacement therapy
Svetlana Urazlina; Tatiana Zhdanov; Andrey Nazarov; Tatiana Zueva;

Influence of metabolic syndrome on the clinical picture of osteoarthrosis
Lyudmila Vasilyeva; Dmitry Lakhin;

Internatonal approach to the narcotic and psychotropic substances expansion control
Julia Makhailova; Alexey Abramov;

Intracellular adhesion molecules and histological pattern in chronic viral liver diseases
Pavel Koroy; Irina Mukhoramova; Alexandr Yagoda;

IP-10 protein at chronic hepatitis C and its role in forecasting treatment outcomes
Natalya Geyvandova; Andrey Lipov; Alexandr Yagoda; Anastasia Frolova;

Irritable bowel syndrome with concomitant diseases of the stomach and esophagus (overlap syndrome): clinical and immunomorphological characteristics
Andrey Svistunov; Mikhail Osadchuk; Natalia Kireeva; Valeriya Burdina; Aleksey Osadchuk; Alisa Lasareva;

Life quality evaluation of children with choledochal cysts
Dmitry Fokin; Vadim Dudarev; Igor Kirgizov; Artem Shakhtarin;

Magnеsium-calcium balance and endothelial dysfunction in operative stress
Vladimir Baturin; Vasiliy Fisher; Sergey Sergeev; Ivan Yatsuk;

Management of patient with mid-shaft clavicle fracture. Problem of conservative and operative treatment, possible solutions.
Alexandr Vorotnikov; Nikolay Zagorodny; Andrey Volna; Mikhail Panin;

Medical and social aspects of sti by the centre «confidence» data
Vyacheslav Chebotarev; Ekaterina Zmievskaya;

Medical-diagnostic approach in adolescents with lower limb varicosity
Igor Doronin; Sergey Minaev; Yaroslav Sukhodolov;

Medicinal prophylaxis of restenosis after lower limb arterial reconstructive surgery
Roman Kalinin; Igor Suchkov; Alexandr Pshennikov; Alexandr Slepnyov;

Melatonin and rheumatoid arthritis: the role of exogenous hormone and pinealectomy
Ksenia Lomonosova;

Microscopic structure of the toothbrush bristles in different terms of their use
Sergey Sirak; Alla Sirak; Natalya Rubtsona;

Microsurgical thyroidectomy in patients with multinodular goiter with nervous disorders of the larynx
Yuri Nazarochkin; Tamara Panova; Alexander Proskurin; Yuri Kuchin; Robert Mustafin;

Monitoring of inflammatory complications development in the newborns with congenital pathology of the gastrointestinal tract
Sergey Minaev; Chersi Gudiev; Sergey Timofeev; Tamara Khoranova; Elena Lukyanenko; Elena Tovkan; Alesya Isaeva; Alexandr Obedin; Igor Kirgizov; Natalya Getman;

Monitoring survey of antibiotic sensitivity in child urinary system infectious agents (experience in Stavropol)
Anastasia Medvedeva; Angelina Kalmykova;

Morphofunctional characteristic of the topographic and anatomic relationships of arteries and veins of the heart
Oxana Lezhnina; Alexandr Korobkeev; Ilya Fedko;

Morphological characteristics of periodontal tissues in experimental osteoporosis
Evgeny Shchetinin; Sergey Sirak; Ivan Koshel; Tatyana Kobylkina; Eldar Dygov; Gregory Petrosyan; Anatolii Adamchik;

Morphological reasons for miniinvasive video laparoscopic sanitation of abdominal cavity
Khasan Baychorov; Valentina Botasheva; Alexandr Bondarenko; Valeria Demyanova;

Multicenter research of persistent cloacal malformation surgery in children
Igor Kirgizov; Sergey Minaev; Alexander Gladkij; Ilya Shishkin; Artem Shakhtarin; Maxim Aprosimov; Sergey Timofeev; Igor Gerasimenko;

Musculoskeletal pathology in patient with Marfan syndrome
Inna Viktorova; Daria Ivanova; Nadezhda Konshu; Irina Grishechkina;

Natriuretic peptide levels in patient with cirrhotic cardiomyopathy
Tereza Dazhaeva; Suleyman Mammaev; Gyulbariyat Abakarova;

Non-invasive monitoring for local immune and antioxidant resistance in patients with ischemic heart disease and type 2 diabetes
Natalia Bykova; Alexander Basov; Karina Melkonyan; Elena Alexeenko; Konstantin Popov; Ilya Bykov;

Obesity and allergic diseases in children living in Stavropol
Villi Lysogora; Valentina Gervazieva;

Optimization of rehabilitation of children with a vegetative dystonia syndrome in terms of educational institutions
Victoria Shashel; Ludmila Podporina;

Osteoarthrosis at patients with family hypermobility of joints: stratification of the risk of occurrence and the type of progression
Inna Viktorova; Nadezhda Konshu;

Particularity of the clinical course and quality of life of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease on the background of the metabolic syndrome
Svetlana Kozhevnikova; Andrei Budnevskiy; Evgeniy Ovsyannikov; Vladislav Belov;

Patterns of growth of mass and body girths in children and teenagers of Stavropol
Natalya Zarytovskaya; Angelina Kalmykova;

Peculiarities of lipide metabolism in children of Stavropol Territory with pulmonary mucoviscidosis
Angelina Kalmykova; Ella Vodovozova;

Pilot study of cross-reactivity to certain food allergens and the role of PR-10 proteins for the development of allergy to tree family Betulaceae.
М Nedyalkov; G Nikolov; M. Christova-Savova; R. Christova; Ya Kandova; B. Petrunov;

Potential of uroandrological service by the example of the municipal men`s health protection center in the Stavropol city
Igor Panchenko; Andrey Brusnev; Mikhail Sostin; Oleg Garmash; Nina Stepanova; Eduard Marabyan; Andrey Shipilov;

Predicting new-onset atrial fibrillation after coronary artery bypass surgery: a prospective comparative study
Vladimir Kolesnikov; Olga Boeva; Anna Ivanenko; Alexandr Yagoda;

Professional strain and young age in the context of arterial hypertension of workplace
Maria Evsevyeva; Lyudmila Ivanova; Maria Rostovtseva; Oksana Sergeeva;

Psychological features of law-enforcement agency officers with psychological disadaptation
Maria Korekhova; Irina Novikova; Andrey Solovyev;

Reflux-esophagitis in patients after stomach resection
Samvel Antonyan; Vitalina Antonyan;

Refractory forms of children with cns autoimmune diseases: multidisciplinary therapy approach
Kirill Kirgizov; Elli Volkova; Sergei Piliya; Veronika Konstantinova; Svetlana Shulga; Oksana Blagonravova; Raisa Bembeeva; Elena Skopobogatova;

Relationship between tumor necrosis factor alpha gene polymorphism and development of purulent septic complications of severe acute pancreatitis
Ildar Lutfarakhmanov; Petr Mironov; Alexey Tikhonov;

Results of histological examination of periodontal disease in the application of allogeneic cultured fibroblasts in the experiment
Igor Bazikov; Valentina Botasheva; Olga Sumkina; Fahriel Muharamov; Nadezhda Penkova; Vera Lukinova; Elena Chekrygina; Dmitry Domenyuk;

Results of the application of anastomotic devices in pediatric surgery
Arvin Mahadoo; Igor Poddubnyi;

Retention period characteristics in infant patients after orthodontic treatment
Victor Vodolatsky; Ruslan Makatov;

Risk of massive blood loss in postpartum vaginal hematoma
Vladislava Novikova; Evgenia Aseeva; Natalya Uglova; Vadim Khorolsky; Karina Filina; F Kazibekova;

Role of dysplastic features in evaluation of qt interval disorder in patients with small heart anomalies
Alexandr Yagoda; Yana Grigoryan; Lubov Gladkih;

Role of gender in character of systemic and tissue abnormalities of hormonal homeostasis in rats with experimental model of lung metastasis
Margarita Kozlova; Elena Frantsiyants; Lydia Trepitaki; Irina Kaplieva; Yulia Pogorelova; Gennadiy Sergostyants; Tamara Ayrapetova; Anna Chubaryan;

Role of pro-inflammatory neuropeptides at ulcerative colitis
Vladimir Pavlenko; Svetlana Alexandrova; Elizaveta Tsurova; Leila Amirkhanova;

Role of profibrogenic cytokines in the formation of hepatic fibrosis in patients with chronic hepatitis C
Suleyman Mammaev; Almhan Mushadzhiev; Shamil Ramazanov;

Selectins and histological changes in chronic viral liver diseases
Alexandr Yagoda; Pavel Koroy; Guzel Gilyazova;

Selectins as predictors of stable virologic clearance in chronic viral hepatitis C
Alexandr Yagoda; Pavel Koroy; Guzel Gilyazova;

Sequence abnormality of permanent teeth dentition
Farida Ayupova;

Serological monitoring of arbovirus infections in Stavropol region
Alexandr Kulichenko; Nadezhda Vasilenko; Olga Maletskaya; Alexandr Ermakov; Natalia Varfolomeeva;

Serum concentration of immune, endocrine and endothelial biomarkers in patients with rheumatoid arthritis associated with different variants of metabolic status treated with Infliximab
Sergey Oranskiy; Lyudmila Yeliseyeva;

Significance of endothelial dysfunction in early diagnostics of diabetic nephropathy in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes
Tatyana Anikeeva; Evgeny Volchansky;

Sleeve gastrectomy for morbid obesity – regional experience
Bekhan Khatsiev; Alexander Kuzminov;

Specific features of the arterial vascularization in the heart under normal conditions and in myocardial infarction
Oxana Lezhnina; Alexandr Korobkeev;

Stages of patho- and morphogenesis of chronic hepatopathy at chronic drug intoxication
Olga Ermakova; Irina Kostornaya;

State of hemodynamics in children with atopic dermatitis during transcranial electrical stimulation
Valentina Sizova; Evgeny Volchansky;

Stress orthodontic influence of fixed double-seat denture in treatment of malocclusion
Elena Vakushina; Sergey Bragin; Evgeny Bragin; Zarina Dzaraeva; Victoria Kravchenko;

Study of population appealability for dental implantology
Ruzanna Avanesyan;

Study of preparation «Regenerin» effect on skin regeneration after mechanical and burn injuries
Igor Bazikov; Olga Sumkina; Valentina Botasheva; Inna Klimanovich; Nadezhda Penkova; Elena Chekryginav; Aram Gukasyan;

Successful application toracoskopy (elongation by Focker and formation deferred anastomosis ) in a child with multiple malformations, including esophageal atresia with irresistible diastase
Mikhail Aksel’rov; Viktoria Emel’janova; Sergey Minaev; Svetlana Suprunec; Tatiana Sergienko; Natalia Kiseleva; Marina Karlova; Alexander Stolyar;

Surgical approach in complicated cholelithiasis among the patients of senile age
Rakhimat Kurbanismailova; Rasul Medzhidov;

Systemic antistress activation therapy in prevention of premature delivery
Olesya Kontlokova; Valery Ryzhkov;

The clinical significance of endotoxemia associated with neutropenia during antiviral therapy of chronic viral hepatitis C and the ways of its pharmacological correction
Natalya Geyvandova; Alexandr Yagoda; Ekaterina Bondarenko;

The effectivness of use of magnetic laser therapy and automated computer system «Diast» in practical periodontics
Dzera Lyanova; Tatyana Tarasova; Veronika Slonova; Tamara Lyanova; Oxana Lezhnina; Victoria Lavrinenko;

The evaluation of vascular rigidity at screening of students health
Maria Evsevyeva; Elena Fursova; Mikhail Eremin; Vladimir Koshel; Vladimir Baturin; Evgeny Shchetinin;

The impact of rational formation of risk groups on the epidemic trends of genitourinary tuberculosis at Stavropol territory
Ruslan Urtenov; Larisa Tarasenko; Vladimir Vysheslavtsev; Vyacheslav Chebotarev; Marat Askhakov;

The influence of experimental hypo- and hypercalcemia on calcium, lead and zinc content in the femur of rats with short-term lead and zinc intoxication
Varvara Ahpolova; Vadim Brin; Regina Tsallaeva;

The influence of the connective tissue dysplasia at the occurrence of dysfunction of the temporo-mandibular joint
Alexandr Dolgalev; Uliya Umanskaya;

The long-term prediction of population aging in Stavropol territory
Alexandr Solomonov; Pavel Pliev; Atsamaz Kaloev;

The manifestation of the connective tissue dysplasia syndrome in children with musculoskeletal pathology
Sergey Timofeev; Sergey Minaev; Alesya Isaeva; Igor Pavlenko; Yuri Bolotov;

The pathophysiological bases of contemporary pharmacotherapy
Vladimir Baturin; Evgeny Shchetinin; Marina Vafiadi; Svetlana Miloserdova;

The postoperative recurrences of congenital diasphragmatic hernia
Irina lovskaya; Mikhail Chepurnoy; Gennady Chepurnoy; Valery Katsupeev; Boris Rosin;

The prevalence of connective tissue dysplasia of the Stavropol Territory population
Natalya Rubanova; Elena Kokora; Olga Korotkova;

The prognostic value of bactericidal/ permeability-increasing protein in infants with congenital pathology of the gastrointestinal tract
Sergey Minaev; Alesya Isaeva; Elena Tovkan; Chersi Gudiev; Sergey Timofeev; Alexandr Kachanov; Nadezhda Romaneeva;

The protective effect of silimar in patients with psoriasis treated by methotrexate
Maria Arnautova;

The role of pro-inflammatory neuropeptides in ulcerative colitis
Vladimir Pavlenko; Svetlana Alexandrova; Elizaveta Tsurova; Leila Amirkhanova;

The significance of anti-inflammatory cytokines in development of primary open-angle glaucoma
Lev Cherednichenko; Lyudmila Barycheva; Anastasia Bernovskaya;

The significance of efficiently applied high jejunostoms in children’s care after small intestine resection
Mikhail Chepurnoy; Gennady Chepurnoy; Valery Katsupeev; Anaida Dadayan; Igor Babich;

The ultrasonic way of the intraoperative assess of the resection volume of colon in children with chronic constipation
Igor Kirgizov; Sergey Minaev;

The use experience of local wound healing agents in the treatment of Pemphigus vulgaris with localization on the oral mucosa and lips
Sergey Sirak; Vyacheslav Chebotarev; Alla Sirak; Anna Grigoryan;

The use of porous titanium for bone subantral augmentation in dental implantation (experimental study)
Sergey Sirak; Alexandr Sletov; Armen Martirosyan; Inal Ibragimov; Maria Perikova;

The value of silent myocardial ischemia during physical exercise in patients without angina after coronary artery bypass grafting
Vladimir Amiyants; Vladimir Pavlenko;

The ways of optimization of diagnostic and treatment program for acute adhesive obturation small bowel obstruction
Valeriy Totikov; Madina Kalitsova; Zaurbek Totikov; Vadim Medoev;

Tuberculosis and COPD: the problem of comorbidity
Natalia Bagisheva; Anna Mordyk; Olga Ivanova; Tatiana Batishcheva;

Visual-biophysical diagnostics of asymmetric hypertrophy of myocardium of the left ventricle at the heart connective tissue displasia
Viktor Yakovlev; Alexandr Yagoda; Sergey Gusev;

Сomparative assessment of surgical treatment of rectal extrasphincter anal fistula
Alexandr Muravyev; Vyacheslav Malyugin; Vladimir Linchenko; Denis Khalin;

Stavropol State Medical Academy
Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics
Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy