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Aparasitism and anti-parasitism principle in liver echinococcosis surgery: results

[Original research] [Surgery]
Albert Vafin; Arthur Aidemirov; Artur Abdokov; Alexander Popov; Ekaterina Mashurova; M Malanka;

To evaluate the results of surgical treatment for liver echinococcosis based on the aparasitism and anti-parasitism principle, an analysis of treatment outcomes was conducted involving 100 patients who underwent surgeries in 1982–1990, through conventional methods (control group) and another 458 patients who received treatment in 1991–2010 after the aparasitism and antiparasitism principle had been introduced in clinical practice to the fullest extent (main group). The aparasitism and antiparasitism principle and plasma technologies implemented for echinococcectomy allowed to significantly improve the outcomes of liver echinococcosis surgical treatment: the rate of postoperative complications was brought down from 36.0 % (control group) to 12.3 % (main group); the post-operative lethal rate reduced from 7 % to 0.4 % respectively; the relapse rate – from 10 % to 1.19 %, while the total number of days spent in the hospital went down from 28.6 to 15.


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Keywords: liver echinococcosis; diagnostics; surgical treatment; aparasitism and anti-parasitism; plasma jet

Stavropol State Medical Academy
Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics
Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy