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Quality of life of patients after reconstructive-restorative operations in iatrogenic injury and/or stricture of the biliary tracts
Georgiy Poghosyan; Albert Vafin; Arthur Aidemirov; Eduard Mnatsakanyan; Konstantin Delibaltov;

Molecular allergy diagnostics and improving allergen-specific immunotherapy in the cases of sensitization to weed pollen
Lyudmila Valentinovna Dushina; Lyudmila Barycheva; Milana Minasyan;

Violation of vegetative regulation in patients with mild neurotrauma in maxillofacial trauma of different localization
Sergei Karpov; Sergey Vyacheslavovich Krokhmal´; Aleksey Karpov; Irina Vishlova; Karen Karakov; Arthur Eduardovich Apaguni; Dmitry Hristoforando;

Analysis of changes in redox reactions in intoxication with nickel chloride and the NO-synthase inhibitor
Sergey Dzugkoev; Fira Dzugkoeva; Irina Mozhayeva; Olga Marghiev;

Analysis of the results of clinincal and instrumental diagnosis of non-compression lumbar pain syndromes using puncture techniqu
Vadim Anatolievich Byvaltsev; Andrey Andreevich Kalinin; Alena Konstantinovna Okoneshnikova;

Analysis of the total lumen of circumflex branch of l eft coronary artery in norm and in myocardial infarction
Alexandr Korobkeev; Oxana Lezhnina;

Application of nitrogen-containing gas stream monoxide in sanitation of intraabdominal abscesses at their transcutaneous drainage under ultrasonic targeting
Igor Suzdaltsev; Alexandr Bondarenko; Valeria Demyanova; Pavel Moisev; Khasan Baychorov; Urii Pykhtin; Sergei Kubanov; Sergei Pustiy; Vladimir Korolev;

Application of fecal marker «calprotectin » in the diagnosis of intestinal infections in children
Irina Kessaeva; Zinaida Kaloeva; Nino Tuaeva;

Arrhythmic syndrome and myocardium remodeling in connective tissue dysplasia
Marina Novikova;

Artificial feeding and prevention of iron deficiency states in children of the first year of life
Rashid Zhetishev; Diana Arkhestova; Marat Kerimov; Leila Temmoeva; Elena Kamyshova; Irina Zhetisheva;

Athlete followed by healthcare professionals
Evgeniy Vershinin; Vladimir Delaru; Nataliya Muravieva;

Biochemical markers of kidney damage in elderly patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Nadezhda Agranovich; Ludmila Pilipovich; Victoriya Macukatova; Alena Anopchenko; laura Albotova;

Biochemical status in patients on hemodialysis with different types of permanent vascular access
Roman Kalinin; Igor Suchkov; Andrey Egorov; Alexey Andreevich Kamaev; Sergey Isakov;

Breast cancer and phenotypic status: tumor receptors profile and it`s morphological features
Maria Evsevyeva; Vladimir Eryomin; Tamara Yaschenko; Konstantin Khurtsev;

Carotid body saving techniques in carotid artery surgery
Roman Vinogradov; Vyacheslav Matusevich;

Changes in pharmacotherapy of ischemic heart disease according to the modernized diagnostic and treatment standards in hospitals of Stavropol territory
Elena Kolodijchuk; Madina Dereva; Irina Terentyeva;

Changes in the severity of haloperidol catalepsy in rats under chronic administration of neuroleptics
Mariya Baturina; Eduard Beyer; Olga Boeva; Alexey Popov;

Children preventive and prophilaсtic treatment for syphilis prevention
Vyacheslav Chebotarev; Nazirul Amirdzhahan;

Clinical -neuromymonnological correlations in chronic brain ischemia
Mariya Baturina; Irina Dolgova; Marina Hibirtova; Farida Shamasurova;

Clinical and radiographic assessment of osteointegration of dental implants after remodeling of the perimplant zone
Musa Magomedovich Garunov; Andrey Vladimirovich Sevbitov; Alexandr Dolgalev; Sergey Sirak; Oksana Aleksandrovna Solovyova; Anna Remisova; Madina Georgievna Dzgoeva; Sergey Rubnikovich;

Clinical significance of pro-inflammatory interleukins in newborns with hypoxic-ischemic CNS damage
Lyudmila Barycheva; Aminat Idrisova; Ekaterina Sergeevna Kuzmina; Oleg Agranovich;

Comparative analysis of women’s satisfaction with the quality of obstetric and gynecological care provided in big cities and small towns in the south of Russia
Margarita Andreeva; Lyudmila Tkachenko; Marina Selikhova; Elena Fetisovа; Nikolai Zharkin; Sergey Vdovin; Dmitriy Speransky;

Comparative asessment of the life quality in patients with hepatic echinococcosis with small size cysts in the cases of active and watchful management
Arsen Abdullayev; Arsen Koychuev; Ilyas Akhmedov;

Comparative assessment in muscle relaxants treat back pain
Vladimir Baturin; Valery Riabtsev;

Comparison of injuries revealed at sectional study of the persons died in the transport accidents
Dmitry Deyneko;

Congestive portal gastropathy in children
Sergey Minaev; Nadezhda Romaneeva; Natalya Getman; Fedor Doronin;

Connective tissue dysplasia in children with kidneys and urinary system congenital diseases
Sergey Minaev; Igor Pavlenko; Peter Chumakov; Sergey Timofeev; Maria Evsevyeva;

Correlation between fibrinogen beta-chain gene polymorphism, plasma fibrinogen and thromboembolic complications in patients with atrial fibrillation
Natalya Bulgakova; Madina Baikulova; Elena Scheglova; Vladimir Kolesnikov; Alexandr Yagoda; Olga Boeva;

Cytokines levels and correlation with diagnostic markers of rheumatoid arthritis
Suleyman Mammaev; Zhanetta Ganieva; Luiza Dzhavatkhanova;

Cytokines of blood serum and amniotic fluid in some complications of pregnancy
Irina Krukier; Valeriya Avrutskaya; Marina Levkovich; Armen Grigoriants; Anastasiya Nikashina; Liana Yerdzhanyan;

Determination of the level of antibodies to melatonin 1A receptor in children with diabetes mellitus in different stages of the disease
Vladimir Baturin; Jury Bykov; Galina Mamceva; Tatyana Uglova; Rosa Yagudina;

Development of the adhesive process in the abdominal cavity using plastic devices in laparoscopic surgery
Sergey Minaev; Alina Nikolaevna Grigorova; Sergey Timofeev; Alexandr Obedin; Igor Gerasimenko; Oksana Vladimirova; Sofia Korablina; Anna Dmitrievna  Trivailo;

Diagnostic value of standard and alternative markers in blood serum of newborns with early neonatal sepsis
Angelina Kalmykova; Alexandr Obedin; Vasilyev Andrey; Volkov Evgeny;

Differences in pharmacotherapy tolerability in men with depressive disorders in ethnic groups of Stavropol territory
Eleonora Manvelyan; Svetlana Stepanyan;

Differences in the efficacy of pharmacotherapy of depressive disorders in males – representatives of ethnic communities of Stavropol region
Eleonora Manvelyan; Svetlana Stepanyan; Mikael Manvelyan;

Dysplastic heart: is it possible to forecast myocardial electric instability?
Michael Smetanin; Tatyana Chernyshova; Leonid Pimenov; Natalia Kononova;

Effect of chronic administration of haloperidol and risperidone on the number of dopamine receptors in rat brain tissue
Mariya Baturina; Eduard Beyer; Alexey Popov; Vladimir Baturin; Vladimir Baturin; Oleg Boev;

Effect of melatonin on the level of thyrotropic hormones in experimental hypothyroi dism in rats
Karine Elbekyan; Evgenia Markarova; Anna Khodzhayan; Margarita Gevandova;

Effect of pump extract on level of endurance and some biochemical parameters of mice blood on the background of physical load
Andrei Voronkov;

Effects of high fructose diet on body weight gain in rats in relation to emotional stress tolerance
Roman Budkevich; Juliana Gatina; Elena Budkevich;

Efficacy of fotodinamic and laser therapy of catarrhal gingivitis
Kristina Deminа; Elena Grishilova; Tonzilya Kodzhakova; Sergey Garazha;

Efficacy of the complex conservative treatment of chronic constipation in children
Ramiz Poluxov;

Efficiency of combined therapy of syndrome of the overlap between gastroesophageal reflux disease and functional dyspepsia
Irina Golub;

Evaluation of cytotoxicity of collagen -containing gels on experimental samples of biomaterials
Alexander Dolgalev; Evgeny Mikhailovich Boyko; Evgeny Mikhailovich Boyko; Dmitry Bobryshev; Nikolay Didenko; Yulia Aleksandrovna Glumskova;

Evaluation of klebsiella spp. and acinetobacter spp. antibiotic resistance in hospital environment (Stavropol, Russia)
Vladimir Baturin; Evgeny Shchetinin; Inna Demidenko; Elena Kunitsina; Oksana Korableva; Mariya Baturina; Ya Kharitonova;

Evaluation of perspective of propiotics in cjmplex therpy of neurastenia
Anatoly Vladimirovich Kubyshkin; Nikolay Alexandrovich Androshchuk; Lesya Nikolaevna Gumenyuk; Leya Evgenievna Sorokina; Ilona Nikolaevna Kabatova;

Evaluation of short-term outcomes in preterm infants with necrotizing enterocolitis
Igor Gerasimenko; Alexandr Obedin; Sergey Timofeev; Alesya Isaeva; Alina Nikolaevna Grigorova; Dmitry Nikolaevich Mashchenko; Oksana Igorevna Iachnaia; Anastasia Alekseevna Lytkina;

Evaluation of the effectiveness of epidural analgesia in patients after hemorrhoidectomy depending on the direction of epidural catheter
Oleg Zinchenko;

Evaluation of the relationship between the rogression of breast and lung tumors with the blood levels of alpha -n-acetylgalactosaminidase , vitamin D binding protein and autoantibodies to them
Oleg Vyacheslavovich Radzhabov; Vladimir Baturin; Ekaterina Vladimirovna Grudina;

Evalution of the neurospecific autoantibodies level in patients with Covid-19: preliminary report
Vladimir Baturin; Vladimirovna Kostrovskaya Marina; Ekaterina Vladimirovna Grudina; Mariya Baturina; Arevik Arkadyevna Fil; Vasiliy Fisher; Volkov Evgeny; Tanzilya Adamovna Dotdaeva;

Experience of integrated physiotherapy in the earl y postpartum period in women with android type of obesity
Natalia Kulikova; Nadezhda Agranovich; Albina Tkachenko;

Experience of vitamin D supplementation in treating children and adolescents with primary hypertension
Saiel Zeid; Ludmila Yakovleva; Anna Melititskaya;

Experimental study of the biocidal effect of nanosilver
Yuliya Vladimirovna  Tofan; Natalya Viktorovna Pavlova; Svetlana Alexandrovna Demyanenko; Vladimir Zakharovich Kharchenko; Marina Morozova;

Expression of apoptosis markers in children with type 1 diabetes
Lyudmila Barycheva; Natalya Erdni-Goryaeva; Marina Golubeva;

Expression of selectins in patients with dysplastic syndromes and phenotypes
Lubov Gladkih;

Expression profile and TNF-α gene polymorphism in primary open-angle glaucoma
Daria Mikhailovna Kakulia; Lyudmila Barycheva; Anna Khodzhayan; Milana Minasyan;

Features of microflora and some cytokines production in the fallopian tubes tissue at chronic inflammation
Vyacheslav Chebotarev; Roman Pavlov; Victor Aksenenko; Egor Baykov; Irina Telegina;

Features of the heart arterial bed in norm and at myocardial infarction
Oxana Lezhnina; Alexandr Korobkeev;

Gene polymorphism of lipid metabolism markers in calcific aortic valve disease
Elena Scheglova; Madina Baikulova; Olga Boeva; Asiyat Laipanova; Zarema Chotchayeva; Gennady Khait;

Genetic polymorphism of cytochrome Р-450 isoenzyme CYP2D6 in population of Stavropol region
Vladimir Baturin; Anna Tsarukyan;

Genotyping of strains Yersinia pestis, isolated from the East-Caucasian hight-mountain natural plague focus in 2010 year
Irina Kuznetsova; Dmitry Efremenko;

Heredity connective tissue diseases and student’s medical examination: aspects of screening diagnosis
Maria Evsevyeva; Mikhail Eremin; Vladimir Koshel;

Histological changes of organs and tissues of animals in the area of technogenic pollution
Marina Dolgashova; Antonina Mikhailenko;

Improvement of rehabilitation of children with iron deficiency in educational institutions
Victoria Shashel; Aminat Anatolyevna Bishenova;

Influence of derivatives of 4-oxo-pyrimidine on the behavior of male rats at multiparameter testing
Eleonora Manvelyan; Valeria Sysa;

Influence of o-benzoilaminobenzoic acid amides, deri vative precursors of quinazolinone-4, on the behavior of male rats in the elevated plus maze
Eleonora Manvelyan; Valeria Sysa; Ivan Kodonidi; Eduard Oganesian; Alexander Bandura; Vadim Sochnev;

Influence of phenazepam, melatonin and their combination on the level of antioxidant enzymes in the forebrain of stressed rats
Olga Kaminskaya; Eduard Beyer; Eduard Beyer; Karine Elbekyan; Eduard Arushanyan;

Influence of the gluten-free dieting on anthropometric indices dynamics in children with celiac disease
Leonid Klimov; Victoria Kuryaninova; Marina Stoyan; Maria Shelegeda; Roza Atanesyan; Elena Gerasimenko; Madina Daguzhieva; Olesya Danilova; Elena Milusha;

Intraportal therapy in complex correcction of a macrophage liver failure and endotoxicosis at general peritonitis
Viktor Chernov; Sergei Efanov; Ahmed Sapraliev;

Is there a relationship between insulin resistance, erectile dysfunction and the level of serum total testosterone in men with type 2 diabetes mellitus
Irina Khripun; Igor Belousov; Sergey Vorobyev; Valentina Puzyreva; Yanina Allakhverdieva; Halid Ibishov; Michail Kogan;

Justification of the choice of the temporary canal filling method in the destructive forms of chronic periodontitis
Anatolii Adamchik; Nikolai Budzinski; Feride laypanova; Victoria Grigoryan;

Levels of endothelin -1 in the serum of patients with essential hyper tension according to gender and age
Hanicha Ibragimova; Suleyman Mammaev; Zemfira Abusueva;

Low back pain syndrome: epidemiology and clinical manifestations
Irina Vishlova; Sergei Karpov; Anatoly Starodubtsev;

Markers of endothelial dysfunction in men with type 2 diabetes and their clinical significance
Irina Khripun; Elizaveta Dzantieva; Sergey Vorobyev; Zalina Gusova; Maksim Morgunov; Igor Belousov; Michail Kogan;

Mechanisms of interferon-induced depression in patients with chronic viral hepatitis C
Ekaterina Bondarenko; Natalya Geyvandova;

Metabolic and immunological effects of mineral water modified by selenium in studying of resistance mechanisms to damage into hypoxic hypoxia
Natalia Efimenko; Agnessa Kaysinova; Anna Viktorovna Abramtsova; Gayane V. Sahradyan;

Metabolic syndrome and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Sergey Slyadnev; Pavel Koroy;

Microbiological spectrum of pyoinflammatory diseases causative agents in children at a multi-speciality hospital
Sergey Minaev; Natalia Filipeva; Vitaliy Leskin; Evgeny Shchetinin; Marina Golubeva; Elena Rakitina; Eldar Shamadaev; Tatiana Zhdanov;

Mineral homeostasis peculiarities in joint hypermobility syndrome
Galina Saneeva;

Modern approaches to treatment of acute necrotizing pneumonia in children
Sergey Minaev; Lilya Chintaeva;

Modernization of health care: obstetrician-gynecologist‘s view
Marina Selikhova; Lyudmila Tkachenko; Margarita Andreeva; Sergey Vdovin; Nikolai Zharkin; Dmitriy Speransky;

Morphofunctional characteristics of the human coronary arteries
Oxana Lezhnina; Alexandr Korobkeev;

Morphological changes in the salivary glands of rats under experimental hyposalivation
Alla Sirak; Sergey Sirak; Mikhail Pavlovich Elizarov; Nikolay Didenko;

Neuropathic pain syndrome in multiple sclerosis
Irina Vishlova; Sergei Karpov; Irina Dzhashauovna Gerbekova;

New capabilities for the prediction of success of biological therapy for ulcerative colitis
Vladimir Pavlenko; Gulnara Kataganova; Leila Amirkhanova; Alla Pavlenko; Vladimir Amiyants;

New opportunities to use exenatide for the patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and gastroesophageal reflux disease against the background of abdominal obesity
Elena Andreeva; Inessa Unanova; Ekaterina Andreeva;

Organization and matters of violation of staged admission of the patients with severe cerebral circulation impairment in Stavropol
Konstantin Muravyov; Elena Karpova; Sergei Karpov;

Peculiarities of IL-29 production in patients with chronic virus hepatitis C
Natalya Geyvandova; Andrey Lipov; Sofia Rogova;

Pentoxifylline therapy possibble influence on some pathogenetic mechanisms of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Natalya Geyvandova; Gayane Babasheva; Zarine Nigiyan;

Phenotypical features of young patients with arrhythmic syndrome and undifferentiated connective tissue dysplasia
Ekaterina Loginova; Galina Nechaeva; Anastasia Nikolaevna Dakuko; Ilya Vyacheslavovich Bogatyrev;

Platelet-rich autoplasma use at early stages of wound healing to prevent pathological scar development
Oksana Vladimirova; Peter Lavreshin; Vladimir Ivanovich Vladimirov; Alina Nikolaevna Grigorova; Vakhtang Gobejishvili; Alexander Dolgalev; Sergey Timofeev; Sofia Korablina;

Polymorphic variants of the TLR 2 gene in syphilis
Lyudmila Barycheva; Milana Minasyan; Vyacheslav Chebotarev; Alexey Odinets;

Polymorphic variants of the TLR6 gene in adult patients with bronchial asthma
Lyudmila Barycheva; Liliya Shushanova; Alexandr Yagoda; Marina Golubeva; Milana Minasyan;

Potential of adhesins in diagnostics of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
Sergey Slyadnev; Pavel Koroy;

Premedication and mexidol impact on cortisol levels and endothelial function in operating stress
Vladimir Baturin; Vasiliy Fisher; Sergey Sergeev; Ivan Yatsuk;

Professional burnout of dental specialists in clinical practice
Aleksey Nikolaevich Bobryshev; Armen Akopovich Sarkisov; Igor Vasilyevich Reverchuk; Svetlana Ivanovna Tarasova; Vladimir Zelenskiy;

Proinflammatory cytokines in the development of chronic periodontitis
Adalbi Oshnokov; Evgeny Bragin; Lyudmila Barycheva; Zaira Kharaeva;

Providing palliative care to cancer patients
Marina Vasilievna Erugina; Irina Lvovna Krom; Alexander Borisovich Markevich; Diana Dmitrievna Balakina; Alexander Vodolagin;

Psychophysiological features of the modern students in the initial courses of a medical university: gender aspect
Ludmila Tsaturian; Vsevolod Nikolsky; Valentina Perkhurova; Daria Androsova; Radmila Kuvandykova; Elena Melikbekian; Anna Shevyakova;

Quality assessment of lipid metabolism parameters analyzer ACBA-01-«BIOM®»
Larisa Ivchenko; Urii Pervushin;

Radical treatment of unformed intestinal fistulas
Vladimir Petrovich Glabay; Vitaly Olegovich Tsvetkov; Vakhtang Gobejishvili; Zaira Eldarovna Eldarova; Vasilina Sergeevna Lesovik; Bogdan Borisovich Orlov;

Ranking of subjects of the North Caucasus federal district in terms of primary disability due to diseases of musculoskeletal system and connective tissue
Zhanna Boltenko; Larisa Chikinova;

Regional social and psychological characteristics of life quality in children and adolescents with cystic fibrosis at Stavropol territory
Tatiana Ponomareva; Ella Vodovozova; Larisa Ledeneva; Roman Dubovoy;

Register of primary immunodeficiency in the Stavropol territory
Lyudmila Barycheva; Lyudmila Sergeevna Khachirova; Leila Timurovna Kubanova; Lyudmila Valentinovna Dushina; Anna Alexandrovna Mukhina;

Results of acute pancreatitis treatment in surgery department clinic of Stavropol state medical university
Igor Suzdaltsev; Petr Ionov; Evgeny Pechenkin; Alexandr Bondarenko; Alexander Panchenko;

Results of treatment of serious ovarian cancer at the use of different schemes of neoadyuvant chemotherapy
Galina Nerodo; Oksana Kravtsova; Vera Nikitina; Ekaterina Verenikina; Ivan Nikitin;

Results of ultrasonic research during dispenserization of elder school children in Stavropol
Angelina Kalmykova; Elena Alexandrovna Finota;

Rheumatoid arthritis in the Russian Federation: sociological aspekts
Andrey Reshetnikov; Nadejda Prisyazhnaya; Sergey Pavlov; Nadejda Vyatkina; Elena Marochkina;

Risk stratification and management the patients with connective tissue dysplasia and arrhythmic syndrome
Marina Novikova;

Role of endoecological technologies in programmes of the medical rehabilitation of military personnel with gastroduodenal ulcers
Natalia Efimenko; Andrey Alekseevich Fedorov; Dmitry Gordienko; Sofia Ruslanovna Mayransaeva; Leonid Starokozhko; Vladimir Amiyants; Ivan Gajdamaka; Lyubov Anatolyevna Cherevashchenko;

Selectins as predictors of unfavorable course of liver cirrhosis
Alexandr Yagoda; Pavel Koroy; Guzel Gilyazova;

Significance for diagnostics fetal hemoglobin tissue hypoxia in chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis
Boleslav Levitan; Tatyana Kasyanova; Yuliana Titarenko;

Spread of HIV infection epidemic in Stavropol territory
Marina Golubeva; Inna Vergunova; Lyudmila Barycheva; Natalia Kastarnova; Olga Ponomar; Oksana Kaitova;

State of health of schoolchildren in the modern educational environment
Natalia Fedko; Angelina Kalmykova; Valentina Muravyeva; Asiyat Dzhanibekova; Victoriya Kalmykova;

Stature characteristics of children and adolescents aged 0-17 years in Stavropol
Natalya Zarytovskaya; Angelina Kalmykova; Maria Popova;

Stress effect on haloperidol catalepsy over the entire circadian in female rats at different stages of estrous cycle period
Vladimir Baturin; Eleonora Manvelyan; Marina Bulgakova;

Stroke epidemiology in Stavropol region
Madina Bogatyreva; Olga Klochikhina; Lyudmila Stakhovskaya;

Structural and functional characteristics ependymal shell of the ventricles of the brain in various pathological conditions of the central nervous system
Konstantin Kozyrev; Ibrahim Malikiev; Maria Martynova;

Study of safety and specific activity of a new combination of syrup with thyme extract and ambroxol compared to «Pertussin» syrup
Alina Umarovna Gagueva; Alexander Yuryevich Terekhov; Elena Olegovna Sergeeva;

Study of the clinical risk factors for high -degree squat cell intraepitelial lesions of the cervic
Tatiana Alexandrovna Dimitriadi; Dmitry Burtsev; Elena Alekseevna Jenkova; Alexander Feliksovich Mikhelson; Elizaveta Yuryevna Lebedenko;

Study of the microbiota of the urogenital tract of womenсof a reproductive age with inflammatory diseases of small pelvic organs under the conditions of out -patient department
Vladimir Baturin; Roberta Boshyan;

Studying the etiology of community-acquired pneumonia in children treated in the hospital
Elena Rakitina; Marina Golubeva; Vladimir Baturin; Sergey Minaev; Araratovna  Musaelyan Olga; Zalina Vladimirovna  Bolloeva; Yuliya Vladimirovna  Borisova; Boris Sergeevich  Shaposhnikov;

Surgical patients’ rehabilitation after radical treatment of breast cancer
Sergey Blokhin; Igor Suzdaltsev; Kirill Nadein;

The analyses of life quality of patients with breast cancer in case of antitumoral treatment
Dmitriy Speransky; Lyudmila Tkachenko; Sergey Vdovin; Margarita Andreeva; Marina Selikhova; Nikolai Zharkin;

The antibacterial activity spectrum of defensin HNP-1 included in to the chitosan nanoparticles
Vladimir Baturin; Albert Bolatchiev; Andrey Mikhailovich Zhirov;

The clinical case of disintegration of the skin and tissues of the external nose
Vyacheslav Chebotarev; Marat Askhakov; Alexey Odinets;

The dynamics of central aortic pressure and quality of life in patients with arterial hypertension on the background of the combined antihypertensive and lipid-lowering therapy
Tamara Hokonova; Murat Umetov; Inna Adzhieva;

The dynamics of the titer of autoantibodies to protein s-100 in the blood of patients with spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage
Vladimir Baturin; Rostislav Mozheyko; Sergey Ermakov; Oleg Belokon; Mariya Baturina;

The effect of a diode laser on the dynamics of the clinical parameters in patients with endo-periodontal lesions
Svetlana Lvovna Blashkova; Elena Valerievna Krikun; Karen Karakov; Julia Valeryevna Blashkova; Nelli Borisovna Vanchenko; Dzhamilya Arsenovna Abdulakhova; Emilia Khachaturian;

The effect of exogenous nitric mono oxide on the concentration of interleukin-6 and interleukin-10 in the serum at complex treatment of ulcero-necrotic complicationsof the diabetic foot syndrome
Igor Suzdaltsev; Ivan Polapin;

The efficacy of platelet-derived autoplasma in the treatment of inflammatory periodontal diseases
Yuliya Makedonova; Irina Firsova; Sergey Poroyskiy; Valeriy Mazharenko;

The forecast of students’ adaptation to educational process
Yulia Kashina;

The importance of bacteriological monitoring for the selection of therapy in different forms of pulpitis
Marina Vafiadi;

The influence of breathing techniques of self -regulation on spectral parameters of heart rate variability of cadets
Roman Voronin; Natalia Shatrova; Yuriy Semenov;

The influence of hypotensive monotherapy with telmisartan and amlodipine on levels of adiponectin and cytokines in patients with metabolic syndrome
Suleyman Mammaev; Victoria Petrosova; Aminat Karimova;

The influence of physical activity on state of accommodation, refraktogenesis and regulation of the vegetative nervous system in children and adolescents.
Lev Cherednichenko;

The influence of plant extracts on the viscosity of blood and the oxidative status of animals with experimental liver cancer
Galina Aleksandrovna Afanaseva; Natalia Vladimirovna Polukonova; Olga Alexandrovna Аvramets; Alexey Vasilievich Ivlichev; Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Dmitrienko;

The influence of premedication containing mexidol on cortisol level and number of β-adrenergic receptors in the postoperative period
Vladimir Baturin; Vasiliy Fisher; Sergey Sergeev; Ivan Yatsuk;

The influence of the precision of the set respiratory rhythm reproduction on the parameters of cardiorespiratory synchronism
Vladimir Pokrovsky; Vladimir Vladimirovich Polishchuk;

The internal interface of dental implants as a hotbed of chronic infection
Dmitriy Mihalchenko; Evgeniy Badrak; Alexey Mihalchenko; Elena Yarigina;

The main forms of individual microdontia formed in the mixed dentition of permanent teeth
Alexandr Korobkeev; Dmitry Domenyuk; Ernessa Vedeshina; Sergey Fischev; Yana Korobkeeva; Oxana Lezhnina;

The method of pilonidal sinus treatment in patients with high butocks configuration
Peter Lavreshin; Vakhtang Gobejishvili; Vladimir Gobedzhishvili; Sofia Sergeevna Korablina; Ilyas Korkmazov; Anzhelika Omarova;

The morphofunctional characteristics of coronary sinus veins in advanced and senile age
Alexandr Korobkeev; Mariyam Botasheva; Ilya Fedko;

The place of evaluation vascular rigidity in process of student’s health screening
Maria Evsevyeva; Elena Fursova; Mikhail Eremin; Vladimir Koshel; Vladimir Baturin; Evgeny Shchetinin;

The prevalence of single-nucleotide polymorphisms CYP2С19*2 and CYP2С19*3 in russians population of Stavropol territory
Anna Tsarukyan; Vladimir Baturin;

The role of hysteroscopy in diagnosis the pelvic pain syndrome caused by adenomyosis
Mekan Orazov; Victor Radzinskiy; Elena Nosenko;

The spectrum of antibacterial activity of defensins against gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial strains isolated from hospitalized patients
Albert Bolatchiev;

The value of health-related quality of life in objectivizing the long-term prognosis of patients with post-traumatic brain injury
Yury Gennadievich Annikov; Irina Lvovna Krom; Marina Vasilievna Erugina; Maria Mikhailovna Orlova; Elena Mikhailovna Dolgova; Galina Nikolaevna Bochkareva;

Time record analysis of heart rate in boys with vegetative dystonia before and after treatment with Magnesium -B6
Svetlana Marakhovskaya; Vladimir Baturin; Tamara Dzhandarova;

To the choice of surgical treatment of cerebral angiospasm in patients with aneurismatic subarachnoid hemorrhage
Oleg Belokon; Sergey Ermakov; Rostislav Mozheyko; Sergei Karpov; Alexey Pavlovich Kornev; Vladimir Baturin;

Toxin-induced reactions in lead exposure
Elena Karlova; Boris Sheyman;

Transjugular adjusted liver biopsy
Yury Khoronko; Mihail Cherkasov; Sabine Awerkiew; Vitaliy Groshilin; Andrey Kivva; Evgeniy Kosovtsev; Igor Chumburidze; Viktor Shamik;

Treatment of inflammatory parodentium diseases by immobilized nimesulid
Sergey Garazha; Anzhelina Zelenskaya; Elena Grishilova; Dinara Batchaeva; Tamila Khatsaeva;

Treatment of patients with uncomplicated chronic form of pilonidal sinus inflammation
Sofia Korablina; Peter Lavreshin; Alexandr Muravyev; Vakhtang Gobejishvili; Vladimir Gobejishvili; Oksana Vladimirova; Ilyas Korkmazov; Ashkhen Shagenovna Galstian;

Types of microcirculatory disorders in women with un differentiated connective tissue displasia
Natalia Kononova; Tatyana Chernyshova; Rizida Minnesagitovna Zagrtdinova; Aigul Tanzilovna Samatova;

Ultrasound diagnostics for fetal aortic coarctation
Alexander Akimovich Dyuzhikov; Anastasia Vladimirovna Dyuzhikova; Larisa Valentinovna Zhivova; Oleg Valerievich Likhachev-Mishchenko;

Ursodeoxycholic acid chemical usage in complex therapy of neonatal icterus
Victoria Shashel; Olesya Pervishko; Vladimir Petrukhin;

Use of confocal microscopy of the cornea as an early marker of sensory neuropathy in patients with metabolic syndrome
Victoria Gennadievna Osepyants; Sergei Karpov; Galina Saneeva; Nina Lvovna Cherednichenko;

Way to increase the accuracy of condylar prosthesis implantation in minimally invasive arthroplasty
Anna Alabut; Vladimir Sikilinda;

Working classification of odontogenous compression injuries of the inferior alveolar nerve
Irina Kopylova; Anatolii Kopylov; Sergey Sirak; Andrei Elizarov;

Stavropol State Medical Academy
Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics
Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy