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Heredity connective tissue diseases and student’s medical examination: aspects of screening diagnosis

Maria Evsevyeva; Mikhail Eremin; Vladimir Koshel;

Objective – to evaluate the diagnostic potential of the modified mini-list of external stigma signs for the needs of the student health examination. It was studied a total of 100 students. Identification of dysplastic phenotypes was carried out in accordance with Russian recommendations, of cardiovascular syndromes – with personal questionnaires. The amount of phenotypic traits was evaluated in two diagnostic formats – traditional and screening. The students were distributed into three groups of screening: 1st group – 6 or more stigmas; 2nd group – 3–4–5 stigmas and the third group – 0–1–2 stigmas. Then each group was subdivided into two subgroups taking into account presence of any complaints. Heart rate variability was assessed.

By data of the screening all students with high level of screening stigmas had additional stigmas, the majority had complaints and all of them had regulatory imbalance. Among the students with mild level of screening stigmas 65 % had additional stigmas, 40 % had complaints and almost half of the latter ones had signs of dysregulation. Among the results of the students with low level of screening stigmas (additional stigmas are absent) complaints and regulatory imbalance are observed only among the persons with focal infection.

The results are the basis for improving student’s health examinations in terms of timely formation of the group of dysplasia-dependent cardiovascular risk among young people.


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Keywords: connective tissue dysplasia, clinical examination of students

Stavropol State Medical Academy
Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics
Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy