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Obstetrios and gynecology

A comparative assessment of the causes and risk factors of infertility in urban
Chinara Gulmamedova;

Assessment of health care quality for patients with threatened abortion
Елена Shevtsova; Natalia Eremina; Margarita Andreeva;

Correlation between clinical and social determinants of non -developing pregnancy
Ekaterina Zakharova; Marina Selikhova;

Dynamics of the cytokine status indicators in patients with external genital endometriosis in early postoperative period under the influence of radon theraphy and gnrh agonists
Nelli Ahkubekova; Anna Ovsienko; Anatoliy Tereshin; Ekaterina Urvacheva; Anzhela Bestaeva; Larisa Tsallagova; Ivan Gajdamaka;

Effect of co -infection with HPV/Chlamydia trachomatis on local hormonal profile in cervical cancer
Elena Frantsiyants; Nailya Guskova; Valeriya Bandovkina; Tatyana Moiseenko; Marina Vovkochina; Natalia Cheryarina; Yulia Pogorelova;

Effect of combined oral contraceptives conaining drospirenone + ethinylestradiol on the mammary gland condition in women of reproductive age
Vladislava Novikova; Vadim Khorolsky; Natalia Strelnikova; Galina Makarenko; Susanna Gasparyan; Lyudmila Tkachenko; Marina Selikhova; Margarita Andreeva;

Effect of HPV/Chlamydia trachomatis co -infection on the hormones level in intact ovarian tissue in cervical cancer
Elena Frantsiyants; Nailya Guskova; Tatyana Moiseenko; Marina Vovkochina; Natalia Cheryarina; Yulia Pogorelova;

Effect of selective immunotherapy on recurrence rate of small pelvis adhesive process caused by external genital endometriosis
Roman Pavlov; Ants Pydra; Victor Aksenenko;

Effectiveness of complex therapy for endometrioid ovarian cysts depending on the presence or absence of undifferentiated dysplasia of connective tissue
Ekaterina Aleksanova; Victor Aksenenko;

Evaluation of the body adaptive and regulatory status at different stages of compensation of edematous form of premenstrual syndrome
Irina Kutsenko; Maria Babicheva;

Hormones and cytokines in first-trimester pregnancies complicated by threatened abortion with different outcomes
Svetlana Dubrovina; Aliya Makluk; Vitaliy Gimbut; Liliya Krasilnikova;

Immunohistochemical expression of matrix metalloproteinase -9 and tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-1 in placental tissue IN late severe preeclampsia
Andrey Milovanov; Alexander Dubovoy; Victor Aksenenko; Irina Rasstrigina; Tatyana Fokina; Tatyana Nikolskaya;

Interrelation of depressive symptomatology and coping -behaviour in women with complicated course and outcome of pregnancy
Elena Kuftyak;

Investigation of the exturnal genital endometriosis fagocite activity as the cellular immunity marker
Elena Enkova; Irina Korotkikh; Michail Frolov;

Molecular biological predictors of myoma growth after organ -saving surgery
Eduard Bashirov; Ludmila Chuprinenko; Viktoriya Krutova;

New approach to evaluation of the effectiveness of pregravid preparation of women with early loss of the fetus in anamnesis
Olga Tishkova; Ludmila Dikareva; Adilya Ayupova; Davvid Teplyi;

Peculiarities of the development of chronic pelvic pain related components in peritoneal endometriosis
Irina Kutsenko; Elena Kravtsova; Rusanna Musolyants; Elena Nasarenko;

Risk assessment for prolonged rupture to delivery interval in case of premature breaking of membranes at 34–36 weeks’ gestation
Violetta Shakhbazova; Susanna Autleva;

Risk of massive blood loss in postpartum vaginal hematoma
Vladislava Novikova; Evgenia Aseeva; Natalya Uglova; Vadim Khorolsky; Karina Filina; F Kazibekova;

Specific features of peripheral blood lymphocytes immunophenotype in pregnant women with chronic periodontitis
Viktoria Prohodnaya;

Specific forming of the chronic pelvic pain components in peritoneal endometriosis
Irina Kutsenko; Elena Kravtsova; Rusanna Musolyants; Elena Nasarenko;

Systemic antistress activation therapy in prevention of premature delivery
Olesya Kontlokova; Valery Ryzhkov;

The immune status of out-patient women of reproductive age with pelvic inflammatory disease
Vladimir Baturin; Roberta Boshyan;

To question of quantitative evaluation of α-SMA expression in a denomyosis
Galina Mogilnaja; Anna Simovonik; Ivan Gumenyuk; Alexander Sotnichenko; Еlena Kuevda; Elena Gubareva;

Stavropol State Medical Academy
Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics
Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy