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Burdened alcohol anamnesis as a risk factor associated with self -injury by prisoners
Edgar Mordovsky; Andrew Solovyov; Anatoly Sannikov; Sergey Tagaev;

Clinical features of familial cases of paranoid schizophrenia
Elena Kolesnichenko; Yury Dzhangildin; Sergey Ovsyannikov; Sergey Shamov; Yulia Barylnik; Ummurayzat Gadjieva;

Clinico -social predictors and mechanisms of the socially dangerous actions of women suffering from schizophrenia with intra - and extra -familial violence
Margarita Kachaeva; Dinara Afzaletdinova;

Dependence of aggression and hostility level on the type of temperament and properties of the central nervous system
Elena Agarkova; Lyubov Gubareva; Elena Kolodijchuk; Lyubov Ermolova;

Features of speech disorders of preschool children of urban and rural areas in the European North of Russia
Lyubov Fedotova; Andrey Solovyev;

Levels of neurotropic autoantibodies in patients with schizophrenia
Vladimir Baturin; Mariya Baturina; Galina Mamceva; Oleg Boev; Vladimir Yarovitsky;

Psychological features of law-enforcement agency officers with psychological disadaptation
Maria Korekhova; Irina Novikova; Andrey Solovyev;

Psychopathological disordes in adolescent girls with obesity and the role of neurobiochemical mechanisms in their development
Natalia Tkachenko; Vladimir Zaika; Vera Andreeva;

Psychophysiological characteristic of soldiers, combat veterans
Oleg Boev; Olesya Lekomtseva; Igor Boev;

Risk factors and effectiveness criteria of psychocorrection of anomalous personal variability among servicemen’s wives
Alexandra Kivorkova; Andrew Solovyov; Igor Boev;

Therapy of cognitive impairment in patients suffering from chronic heart failure with antibodies to the S -100 protein and NO -synthase
Vladimir Mendelevich; Genshat Galyautdinov; Marat Lonkin;

Stavropol State Medical Academy
Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics
Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy