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Infectious diseases

Analysis of risk factors for HIV-infection in females
Gulshat Hasanova; Laysan Mukharyamova; Saida Agliullina; Vladimir Anokhin;

Assessment of the state of the microbial flora of the oropharynx and the level of endotoxemia in patients with HIV infection
Alexander Georgievich Suladze; Tatiana Ivanovna Tverdokhlebova; Anna Nikolaevna Matuzkova; Natalia Yurievna Pshenichnaya; Denis Vladimirovich Dontsov; Anna Valentinovna Aleshukina; Antonina Alekseevna Ryndich;

Clinical course of meningitis caused by Streptococcus Pneumoniae in HIV-positive patients
Vera Valentinovna Nikolenko; Andrey Valentinovich, Nikolenko; Olga Nikolaevna Sumlivaya; Natalya Nikolaevna Vorobeva; Elena Valerievna Belkina;

Comparative characteristics of HIV infection in certain regions of Russia and Ireland
Marina Golubeva; Arthur Jackson; Inna Vergunova; Alina Gvozdik;

Comprehensive risk assessment of epidemiological situation aggravation as regards natural-focal infectious diseases during the XXI FIFA world cup in the Russian Federation in 2018
Svetlana Udovichenko; Alexandra Ivanova; Vladimir Toporkov; Evgeny Kouklev; Aleksandr Kuznetsov; Mikhail Tarasov; Alexander Sludsky; Andrey Boiko;

Development of the Covid-2019 pandemic in Kazakhstan
Lyazzat Kataevna Ibraeva; Dina Khabibullayevna Rybalkina; Sergeevna Minbaeva Larisa; Kazbekovich Minbayev Seid-Akhmet; Viktorovna Bacheva Irina; Mamytkyzy Zharylgapova Akerke;

Ecologic and epidemiologic features of toxoplasmosis in Dagestan Republic
Tamara Tsarueva; Magomed Saidov; Albina Dzhalilova; Dinara Dzhalilova; Bariyat Saidova; Zaira Saidova; Gazi Gaziev;

Effect of Bacillus anthracis strains culture conditions on their phagosensitivity
Tatyana Golovinskaya; Olga Tsygankova;

Effect of some immunomodulators on the migration activity of peripheral blood leukocytes in patients with erysipelas
Olga Paevskaya; Olga Belaia; Svetlana Zuevskaya; Yuliya Yudina; Natalia Kolaeva;

Epidemiological and episootological situation of lyme disease in Stavropol (2015–2019)
Olga Alexandrovna Zaitseva; Alexandr Kulichenko; Boris Konstantinovich Kotti;

Epidemiological characteristics of a new corona virus infection in the Stavropol territory in 2020
Valentina Vyacheslavovna Makhova; Olga Maletskaya; Irina Vasilyevna Kovalchuk; Natalia Ivanovna Solomashchenko; Oksana V. Semenko; Alexandr Kulichenko;

Evaluation of IgG-dependent humoral and cellular immunity in persons after Covid-19 and in healthy volunteers
Vladimir Baturin; Ekaterina Vladimirovna Grudina; Natalia Dmitrievna Zagrebailova; Mikhail Baturin; Arevik Arkadyevna Fil; Vasiliy Fisher; Vladimirovna Kostrovskaya Marina; Mariya Baturina;

Evaluation of life quality in patients with acne in conjunction with connective tissue dysplasia
Marina Koshel; Natalya Chebotareva; Irina Vorushilina; Maria Evsevyeva;

Experience in treatment of patients with the new coronavirus infection – COVID -19 complicated with pneumonia in the intensive care department of a city hospital
A. A. Muravyeva; Alexandr Obedin; Oleg Zinchenko; Oksana Vladimirova; Victor Mazharov; Anatoly Igorevich Bylim; Natalia Alexandrovna Suslova; Olga Sergeevna Trutneva;

Improvement of anthax phagodiagnostics: evaluation of bacteriophage «186» specificity
Tatyana Golovinskaya; Olga Tsygankova; Alla Ryazanova; Alexandr Kulichenko;

Infectious and parasitic diseases in children with active tuberculosis
Maria Romanova; Anna Mordyk;

Molecular-genetic typing of the acute intestinal infections bacterial and viral causative agents, detected in the Stavropol territory in 2016
Elena Chekryginav; Anna Volynkina; Egor Kotenov; Oksana Vasilievna Vasilieva; Alexandr Kulichenko;

Phylogenetic analysis of Bacillus anthracis strains isolated in the Republic of Dagestan
Olga Viktorovna Bobrysheva; Sergey Vladimirovich Pisarenko; Dmitriy Kovalev; Evgeniy Eremenko; Alla Ryazanova; Olga Viktorovna Semenova; Diana Vasilyevna Ulshina; Alexandr Kulichenko;

Rotavirus and norovirus infection in adult
Olga Lyubeznova; Elena Utenkova;

Serological monitoring of arbovirus infections in Stavropol region
Alexandr Kulichenko; Nadezhda Vasilenko; Olga Maletskaya; Alexandr Ermakov; Natalia Varfolomeeva;

The analysis of death outcomes in patients of antituberculosis dispensary: tuberculosis in combination with HIV infection
Larisa Puzyreva; Anna Mordyk; Sergey Mordyk; Viktoria Antropova; Larisa Zhigalova; Alexander Pugachev; Irina Nikolayeva; Elena Shestak;

The influence of rehabilitation on the clinical profile and indicators of life quality in patients with brucellus arthritis
Nadezhda Agranovich; Rulana Mushadzhiva; Karen Amlaev;

The spectrum of canSNP-genotypes as an indication of intraspecific genetic and phenotypic variety of Bacillus anthracis strains isolated in North Caucasus and in its adjacent territories
Elena Kotenyova; Olga Tsygankova; Alexander Vasilievich Kalinin; Alena Vladimirovna Abramovich;

Stavropol State Medical Academy
Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics
Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy