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Experimental medicine

Effect of hypoparathyroidism on circadian rhythms organization of anxiety and phobic status during first maturity under changing environment conditions
Tamara Dzhandarova; Vladimir Sashkov; Vladimir Baturin;

Analgesic activity of new derivatives of quinazolinone -4
Eleonora Manvelyan; Mikael Manvelyan; Ivan Kodonidi; Eduard Oganesian;

Assessment of indicators of the thiol metabolism of blood plasma of patients with inflammatory diseases of the small pelvis organs at antioxidant correction
Ilya Bykov; Konstantin Popov; Inna Egorova; Aleksandr Storozhuk;

Biochemical markers of osteogenesis and inflammation in the blood serum in xenoim plantation
Aleksandr Nakoskin; Mikhail Kovin’ka; Irina Talashova; Natalia Tushina; Svetlana Luneva;

Cathepsin as a possible way of adaptation of vascular wall to oxidative stress in conditions of ischemia and reperphy
Roman Kalinin; Alexandr Pshennikov; Yuliya Abalenikhina; Igor Suchkov; Nina Mzhavanadze; Sergey Isakov;

Central nervous system function in gas transportation system stuff with various degree of adaptation to the professional environment
Lyubov Gubareva; Tatyana Ponomareva; Lyubov Ermolova;

Changes in state of the thiol linkages of an antioxidant system during ischemia and reperfusion, against a background of vascular exclusion in the rat liver
Konstantin Popov; Ilya Bykov; Igor Tsymbalyuk; Mikhail Bykov;

Characterization of the metabolic disorders in rats with alloxan-induced diabetes and chronic alcoholic intoxication
Ilya Bykov; Konstantin Popov; Hristina Berberidi; Igor Tsymbalyuk; Galina Ermakova; Ivan Pavlyuchenko; Petr Storozhuk; Viktor Ovsyannikov;

Correction of oxidative m etabolism in blood and tissues of the internal organs in laboratory animals using isotopic D/H exchange reactions
Alexander Basov; Ilya Bykov; Lilia Fedulova; Stepan Dzhimak; Michael Baryshev;

Development of non -human primates heart decellularization method. Morphological evaluation of matrix
Alexander Sotnichenko; Elena Gubareva; Еlena Kuevda; Ivan Gumenyuk; Ramazan Nakohov; Sergey Orlov;

Development of the method for analysis of bacillus anthracis single nucleotide polymorphisms using the mini sequensing and mass spectrometry
Evgeniy Eremenko; Vladimir Voropayev; Elena Kotenyova; Alla Ryazanova; Lyudmila Aksyonova; Olga Tsygankova; Nina Buravtseva; Alexandr Kulichenko;

Dmitry Efremenko; Vitaly Efremenko; Irina Kuznetsova; Tatyana Taran; Anna Efremenko; Olga Kogotkova;

Do non-clostridial anaerobic bacteria cause of acute pyelonephritis in ureter obstruction?
Dmitry Pasechnik; Michail Kogan; Evgeniya Mitusova; Yulia Naboka; Z. Gazayev; Halid Ibishov; I. Gudima; Saro Bejanyan;

Drug induced patomorphosis in parodont and environmental bone tissue in experimental use of corticosteroids
Vasilii Tsygan; Konstantin Shulenin; Sergey Koskin; Aleksandr Kovalevsky; Irina Borodulina; Sergey Risovanniy; Sergey Sirak; Evgeny Shchetinin;

Dynamics of structural changes of the argyrophilic substance of the tooth pulp in experimental osteoporosis
Alla Sirak; Tatyana Kobylkina; Marina Vafiadi; Sergei Sirak; Evgeny Shchetinin;

Effect of chronic administration of fluoxetine, melatonin and their combination on the timecourse of the circadian rhythm of motor activity in rats
Olga Kaminskaya; Alexey Popov;

Effect of niosomal antimicrobial peptide hBD-1 on the healing rate of infected wounds in rats
Albert Bolatchiev; Vladimir Baturin; Igor Bazikov; Alexander Maltsev;

Effect of pinealectomy and melatonin on rat learning in the modified water maze
Eduard Arushanyan; Karen Ovanesov;

Esophagus decellularization protocols in Macaca mulatta model
Alexander Sotnichenko; Elena Gubareva; Еlena Kuevda; Ivan Gumenyuk; Irina Gilevich; Sergey Orlov; Paolo Macchiarini;

Estimation of the influence of medium with different isotopic D/H composition on DNA lymphocytes repair
Elena Tekutskaya; Stepan Dzhimak; Alexander Basov; Ekaterina Barisheva; Sergey Fedosov;

Evaluation of the free radicals production rate in tissue -engineered constructions using EPR -srectroscopy
Ilya Bykov; Elena Gubareva; Еlena Kuevda; Alexander Sotnichenko; Ivan Gumenyuk; Oksana Lyasota; Sergey Bolotin; Stepan Dzhimak;

Experimental prevention of amyloidosis in syrian hamsters
Zalina Kisieva; Vadim Brin;

Experimental rationale for the choice of antibacterial drug for treatment of periodontitis
Evgeny Shchetinin; Sergey Sirak; Olga Ignatiadi; Alla Sirak; Madina Demurova; Eldar Dygov;

Experimental substantiation of application of glucosamine hydrochloride and chondroitin sulphate in periodontal diseases
Natalia Bykova; Arkadiy Odolsky; Victoria Grigoryan;

Gelatinase B and magnesium in the development of experimental gastric ulcer
Lyudmila Rogova; Natalya Shesternina;

Hemodynamics and functional state of cardiovascular system of the red border of the lips in norm and at pathology (Clinical aspects)
Sergey Sirak; Evgeny Shchetinin; Ekaterina Kirzhinova; Olga Ignatiadi; Madina Demurova; Marina Vafiadi;

Hemodynamics and functional state of cardiovascular system of the red portion of the lips at norm and in pathology (experimental study)
Sergey Sirak; Evgeny Shchetinin; Ekaterina Kirzhinova; Olga Ignatiadi; Madina Demurova; Marina Vafiadi; Sergey Timofeev;

Histochemical changes in periodontal tissues after a utotransplantation of teeth
Sergey Sirak; Evgeny Shchetinin; Olga Dilekova; Alla Sirak; Eldar Dygov; Marina Vafiadi; Gregory Petrosyan; Liana Parazyan; Yuri Gatilo;

Histochemical characteristics of reparative dentinogenesis of the tooth pulp when using tissue -engineered structures
Sergey Sirak; Evgeny Shchetinin; Tatyana Kobylkina; Olga Dilekova; Alla Sirak; Liana Parazyan; Marina Vafiadi;

Histochemical study of plastic function of odontoblasts under the influence of parotine in animal experiments
Sergey Sirak; Evgeny Shchetinin; Tatyana Kobylkina; Marina Vafiadi; Natalia Bykova;

Immunohistochemical features of the large salivary glands of rats with experimental periodontitis
Alla Sirak; Evgeny Shchetinin; Sergey Sirak; Nikolay Didenko; Vasiliy Apchel; Vyacheslav Popov;

Immunomodulatory and antibacterial preparations in etiotropic therapy of plague in experimental animals
Irina Borzdova; Olga Logvinenko; Ekaterina Rakitina; Alexandr Borzdov; Elena Zhilchenko; Dmitry Ponomarenko; Marina Kostyuchenko;

Impact of melatonin on immune system activity in rats under heavy metal poisoning
Anna Khodzhayan; Karine Elbekyan; Margarita Gevandova; Evgeny Shchetinin;

Influence of carnitine chloride on mitochondria of the heart of rats during the modeling of hyperhomocysteinemia
Valentina Zvyagina; Eduard Belskikh; Oleg Uryasev; Dmitriy Medvedev; Valentina Kiseleva; Ludmila Tverdova;

Influence of drinking diet with low content of deuterium on the indicators of the estrous cycle and the adaptive capabilities of the organism in female rats in the presenile age
Alla Shikhliarova; Galina Zhukova; Oleg Kit; Tatiana Kurkina; Elena Shirnina; Tatiana Protasova; Anna Elkina; Michael Baryshev;

Interrelation of endothelial nitric oxides synthase activity in tissues of the stomach and magnesium balance in the period of erosive-ulcerative acid-induced lesion development in rats with different resistance to stress
Lyudmila Rogova; Victoria Povetkina;

Mechanisms of reparative osteogenesis under the influence of pulsed laser of infrared range
Evgeny Shchetinin; Sergey Sirak; Natalia Bykova; Anatolii Adamchik; Gregory Petrosyan; Yuri Gatilo; Ivan Koshel;

Melatonin and rheumatoid arthritis: the role of exogenous hormone and pinealectomy
Ksenia Lomonosova;

Melaxen in correction of renal dysfunction in experimental lead poisoning
Vadim Brin; Astan Mitziev; Karmen Mitziev;

Methidical approaches to bioassay of phenolic hydroxylenes contain substances
Alexander Khokhlov; Ilya Yaichkov; Yuriy Dzhurko; Leonid Shitov;

Microbiocenosis of the large in testine of rats after oral application of zoogloeas Medusomyces gysevii (kombucha)
Nadejda Bondareva; Lyudmila Timchenko; Elena Alieva; Yulia Dobrynja; Nadejda Gandraburova; Sergey Piskov; Lyudmila Kalmykova;

Morphofunctional characteristics of adrenals of female rats in the conditions of adaptation to the intensive muscular load and whey protein intake
Nikolay Belyaev; Dmitry Ponomarenko; Lyubov Gubareva; Irina Lisova;

Morphologic evaluation of the dilated spermatic veins in children with varicocele
Azamat Shamsiev; Nizomiddin Kodirov; Iskander Baybekov; Jamshid Shamsiev; Oleg Tereshchenko;

Morphological characteristics of periodontal tissues in experimental osteoporosis
Evgeny Shchetinin; Sergey Sirak; Ivan Koshel; Tatyana Kobylkina; Eldar Dygov; Gregory Petrosyan; Anatolii Adamchik;

Morphological substantiation of some antiseptics application in the wounds treatment
Arsen Grigoryan; Alexander Bezhin; Tatyana Pankrusheva; Elena Kobzareva; Lyudmila Zhilyaeva;

Neural crest-related stem cells of oral origins in vitro and used in osteoporotic sheep model for being investigated due to therapeutic effects in alveolar bone regeneration
Wolf-Dieter Grimm; Tilman Fritsch; Bernd Giesenhagen; Sergey Sirak; Alexandr Sletov; Magomet Aybazov; S. Tebyakina; Evgeny Shchetinin; Alexander Vukovic; Ivan Koshel;

Osteoporotic sheep mandibular model for comparative alveolar bone healing research
Sergey Sirak; Evgeny Shchetinin; Dmitry Bobryshev; Tilman Fritsch; Bernd Giesenhagen; Gregory Petrosyan; Wolf-Dieter Grimm;

Pathomorphological changes of dental pulp in experimental osteoporosis
Sergey Sirak; Evgeny Shchetinin; Alla Sirak; Ivan Koshel; Magomet Aybazov; Marina Vafiadi; Anatolii Adamchik;

Pathomorphology and mineral composition of bone in experimental osteomyelitis
Nikolai Strelkov; Nikolai Kiryanov; Pavel Shklyaev;

Pathophysiological aspects of regeneration of the alveolar socket of the extracted tooth in experiment
Evgeny Shchetinin; Sergey Sirak; Anna Khodzhayan; Natalia Radzievskaya; Gregory Petrosyan;

Pathophysiological mechanisms behind experimental odontogenic maxillitis
Vladimir Koshel; Evgeny Shchetinin; Sergey Sirak;

Pathophysiological reactions pulp and the periodontal autotransplanted sheep in the experiment
Sergey Sirak; Evgeny Shchetinin; Leon Grigoryantz; Liana Parazyan; Olga Dilekova; Alla Sirak; Marina Vafiadi; Gregory Petrosyan; Yuri Gatilo; Anatolii Adamchik;

Physiological and ethnical approach to the assessment of heart loop in teenagers of Stavropol
Olga Butova; Valery Butov; Mukminet Adzhikamalova;

Prefabricated 3d allogenic bone block in conjunction with stem cell-containing subepithelial connective tissue graft for horizontal alveolar bone augmentation: a case report as proof of clinical study principles
Wolf-Dieter Grimm; Mathias Plöger; Ingmar Schau; Alexander Vukovic; Evgeny Shchetinin; Albert Akkalaev; Armenak Arutyunov; Sergey Sirak;

Properties of developed niosomal forms of anti-cancer substances N-hydroxy-2-(2-(naphthalen-2-yl)-1H-Indol-3-yl)-2-phenylacetamide in treatment of glioblastoma
Igor Bazikov; Igor Aksenov; Alexander Maltsev; M. Selimov; Alexander Kornienko; N. Aksenov; Inna Aksenova; Filipp Bazikov;

Prospects of macacamulatta’s mesenchymal multipotent stromal cells usage for tissue -engineered scaffolds creation
Elena Gubareva; Еlena Kuevda; Alexander Sotnichenko; Irina Gilevich; Ivan Gumenyuk; Ramazan Nakohov; Dzhina Karal-ogly; Sergey Orlov;

Renal denervation– new approaches in the search for optimization of hypotensive effect
Denis Bashta; Alexander Romanov; Vladimir Kolesnikov; Enver Baychorov; Igor Vilensky; Vladimir Trukhachev; Alexander Krivoruchko; Sergey Dannikov;

Reparative regeneration of periodontal tissues – results of experimental studies
Evgeny Shchetinin; Sergey Sirak; Leon Grigoryantz; Marina Vafiadi; Olga Dilekova; Gregory Petrosyan; Liana Parazyan; Yuri Gatilo; Anatolii Adamchik;

Role of gelatinase B and intraerythrocytic magnesium in formation of the chronic endometrium inflammation in rats
Lyudmila Rogova; Ksenya Tikhaeva; Lyudmila Tkachenko;

Role of gender in character of systemic and tissue abnormalities of hormonal homeostasis in rats with experimental model of lung metastasis
Margarita Kozlova; Elena Frantsiyants; Lydia Trepitaki; Irina Kaplieva; Yulia Pogorelova; Gennadiy Sergostyants; Tamara Ayrapetova; Anna Chubaryan;

Some aspects of cerebroprotective activity of 4-hydro xy-3,5-di-tretboutyle of cinnamic acid in ischemic damage of the brain in experiment
Andrei Voronkov; Vladimir Abaev; Eduard Oganesian; Dmitry Pozdnyakov;

State of hematopoiesis in thrombophilia of pregnant female rats (experimental study)
Tatiana Bondar; Alexander Vlasov; Anna Muratovа; Azamat Kade;

Stress -induced disorders of the metabolic activity of periodontal tissue in experimental animals and possibility of its correction
Sergey Sirak; Gregory Petrosyan; Evgeny Shchetinin; Roman Romanenko; Anna Tarabrina; Aleksandr Mirolyubov;

Stress -induced disturbances of the structure of periodont tissue in experiment on animals
Gregory Petrosyan; Sergey Sirak; Roman Romanenko; Anna Tarabrina; Evgeny Shchetinin;

Study of preparation «Regenerin» effect on skin regeneration after mechanical and burn injuries
Igor Bazikov; Olga Sumkina; Valentina Botasheva; Inna Klimanovich; Nadezhda Penkova; Elena Chekryginav; Aram Gukasyan;

Study of bacillus an thracis strains phagoresistance and development of the phagotyping scheme
Olga Tsygankova; Tatyana Golovinskaya; Nina Buravtseva;

The effect of magnetophototherapy on morphological changes of tissues of pathologically changed periodontium
Sergey Rubnikovich; Andrey Maizet; Yuliya Denisova; Natalia Bykova; Armenak Arutyunov; Irina Kopylova; Ruzanna Avanesyan;

The histochemical features of the endothelium of the tooth-alveolar complex in inflammation and osteoporosis
Sergey Sirak; Evgeny Shchetinin; Natalia Bykova; Gregory Petrosyan; Anna Tarabrina; Tatiana Gayvoronskaya; Lyudmila Skorikova; Sergey Risovanniy;

The influence of experimental hypo- and hypercalcemia on calcium, lead and zinc content in the femur of rats with short-term lead and zinc intoxication
Varvara Ahpolova; Vadim Brin; Regina Tsallaeva;

The influence of experimental hypocalcemia on hemodynamic manifestations of copper intoxication
Vadim Brin; Karmen Mitziev; Astan Mitziev; Oleg Kabisov;

The mechanisms of endothelial function infringement in rats with toxic angiopathy and its possible pathogenetic correction
Sergey Dzugkoev; Irina Mozhayeva; Larisa Gigolaeva; Angelica Tedtoeva; Elena Takoeva; Olga Marghiev; Mikhail Otiev; Fira Dzugkoeva;

The prognosis and investigation of α-defensin-1 (HNP-1) influence on morphological changes of staphylococcus aureus cells by the atomic-force microscopy data
Vladimir Baturin; M. Selimov; Albert Bolatchiev; Vladimir Sadovoy; Roman Budkevich; Mariya Baturina;

Visualization of the process of excitation in the sinoatrial field of the cat heart at irritation of nervus vagus
Vladimir Pokrovsky; Ivan Somov;

Stavropol State Medical Academy
Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics
Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy