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Prevention of rhabdomyolysis-induced nephropathy in rats

[Experimental medicine]
Vadim Brin; Altynbek Azratkulovich Islaev;

In the study was to investigate the renal function, the activity of processes of lipid peroxidation and status of antioxidant enzymes in the prevention with antioxidant acizol of rhabdomyolysis-induced nephropathy. Nephropathy was reproduced in Wistar rats by intramuscular administration of 50 % glycerin solution (0.8 ml/100 g body weight). Glycerin kidney damage led to increased lipid peroxidation, proteinuria, reduced diuresis on day 14 and increase it by 30 days. The latter was explained by the restoration of the glomerular filtration rate decreased by 14 days at a low level of tubular reabsorption of water. The use of acizol reduced the severity of the lipid peroxidation, activating the antioxidant protection, reduced the level of proteinuria, increased glomerular filtration rate, increased volume of urine and excretion of sodium. Against the background of acizol there is a positive correlation between parameters of lipid peroxidation of cells membranes and renal function.


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Keywords: glycerin nephropathy, rhabdomyolysis, lipid peroxidation, acizol, renal function

Stavropol State Medical Academy
Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics
Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy