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The effect of magnetophototherapy on morphological changes of tissues of pathologically changed periodontium

[Experimental medicine]
Sergey Rubnikovich; Andrey Maizet; Yuliya Denisova; Natalia Bykova; Armenak Arutyunov; Irina Kopylova; Ruzanna Avanesyan;

The effect of a low-intensity magnetic field combined with polarized light on the microvasculature links in perio­dontal tissues during orthopaedic treatment by fixed dentures in patients with partial secondary adentia and perio­dontal diseases were determined using an experiment on laboratory animals. The experiment was made on selected 107 random-bred rats. The animals were divided into three groups: control group 1, control group 2, and the exper­imental group. A dynamic analysis of morphological changesin the tissues of pathologically changed periodontium in three groups of animals demonstrated that, as compared to other animals, the rats from the experimental groups, following experimental magneto phototherapy, had early elimination of inflammation (1 hour after termination of the impact) in all gingival components and perifocal structures due to vaporization of inflammatory cells, activation of ves­sels (plethora and a noticeable increase in number), while regeneration and full epithelialization of the gingival pocket were completed 2 days after termination of magneto phototherapy.


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Keywords: partial secondary adentia, periodontal diseases, magneto phototherapy, animal studies

Stavropol State Medical Academy
Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics
Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy