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Social medicine and public health service

Status and dynamic of socially significant diseases in the regions of the north caucasus federal district
Olga Voropinova; Julia Germanova; Lydia Malkina;

Adherence to treatment: techniques, technologies correctinginadequate adherence to therapy
Arsen Koychuev;

Analysis of public satisfaction with the quality of the ophthalmic health care in the public and private health care institutions (by the example of Stavropol)
Valentina Muravyeva; Artur Korolkov; Valentina Savchenko;

Characteristics of awareness of 14–17 year schoolboys of the reproductive health principles
Valentina Muravyeva; Vladimir Zenin;

Experience study of Krasnodar students attidude to power drinks consumption
Diana Gubareva;

Health parameters of the first year students in Stavropol
Valeria Brusneva;

Health related quality of life in Volgograd region
Alexandr Nenarokov;

Hospital care quality in patients with dupuytren’s contracture in Stavropol region (according to the data of non-departmental examination)
Dmitry Bugaev; Victor Gorbunkov; Nikolay Ivanov;

Identification of causal relations of the factors influencing the quality of pharmaceutical care at the regional level
Fatima Bidarova; Irma Gergieva; Irina Andreeva; Tatyana Bondareva;

Influence of nutritional risk factors to the increase in the incidence of malignant neoplasms in the Orеl region
Olga Saurina; Alexey Vasiliev;

Internatonal approach to the narcotic and psychotropic substances expansion control
Julia Makhailova; Alexey Abramov;

Medical and social aspects lifestyles and health literacy patient of cardiosurgical profile
Karen Amlaev; Vasilisa Zafirova; Rustam Aybazov; Rustam Aybazov; Irina Shikina;

Modern problems of organization and evaluation of the quality of care of patients with acute stroke in primary vascular departments
Andrey Redko; Victoria Zavyalov; Irina Khokhlova; Rudolph Karipidi;

Monitoring of dental diseases among the adult population of Stavropol krai
Anaida Mkhitaryan; Nadezhda Agranovich;

Problem and rendering assistance perspective to the children with den to-maxillary (dentoalveolar) anomalies
Armine Voskanyan; Sergey Alekseenko; Farida Ayupova;

Social aspects of vocational consciousness formation of medical school students
Ekaterina Melnik; Maria Melnik;

Stomatologic health of the elderly residing in gerontological establishments of social protection system in Stavropol region
Oksana Horeva; Valentina Muravyeva; Ivan Ulianchenko; Valentina Savchenko;

Study results smoking prevalence and attitudes towards healthy lifestyles among TB patients
Karen Amlaev; Olga Baronova; Vasilisa Zafirova; Irina Shikina;

The problems of medico -social and rehabilitation services to children with disabilities
Valentina Savchenko; Natalia Mayatskaya; Margarita Gevandova;

Web resources of the medical organizations as a mechanism to improve access medical care
Valentina Muravyeva; Alexandr Muravyev; Alesya Khripunova; Sergey Martynenko; Vladimir Zenin;

Stavropol State Medical Academy
Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics
Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy