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Clinical Pharmacology

Antioxidant and hemolytic properties of different extracts from Prunella vulgaris L. leaves
Agapi Ohanyan; Nona Shishkoyan; Shushanik Kazaryan; Ashkhen Hovhannisyan; Susanna Tiratsuyan; Karine Elbekyan; Vladimir Koshel; Anna Khodzhayan;

Assesment of the action of melatonin and fluoxetine on the model of resinpina depression
Olga Kaminskaya; Eduard Beyer; Eduard Arushanyan;

Change of cognition in epileptic children at benzonal treatment depending on individual specificities of its pharmacokinetics
Vladimir Baturin; Svetlana Rudenko;

Chemical composition of the essential oil of Teucrium Polium L.
Yulia Rudakova; Olga Popova;

Clinical -diagnostic value of conducting pharmacological tests for the study of endothelial function in chronic heart failure
Ekaterina Polunina; Lyudmila Voronina; Olga Polunina; Irina Sevostyanova;

Comparative evaluation of acute toxicity doxorubicin and its in niosomes
Igor Bazikov; Eduard Beyer; Vera Lukinova; Alexander Maltsev;

Development of a pharmacetical anticancer gel based on doxorubicin and silicone nanotechnology
Igor Bazikov; Elena Chekrygina; Inna Klimanovich; Alexander Maltsev;

Ethnic characteristics of antiaggregant action of acetylsalicylic acid in residents of Stavropol territory
Vladimir Baturin; Anna Vladimirovna Ivanova; Konstantin Muravyov; Anna Tsarukyan; Ekaterina Nikolaevna Kolodyazhnaya;

Experience in the implementation of pharmacogenetic testing in clinical practice at the administration of statin group drugs . Analysis of long -term therapy results.
Nikolai Rumyantsev; Vladimir Kukes; Dmitry Grapov;

Features of the current practice of drugs prescriptions to women with mental disorders in ethnic groups in Stavropol region
Eleonora Manvelyan; Svetlana Stepanian; Mikael Manvelyan;

Neuroleptics chronic administration influence on the blood levels of neuro-specific autoantibodies in rats
Mariya Baturina; Eduard Beyer; Olga Boeva;

Planning and evaluation of bioequivalence study of HMG-CoA reductase inhibito
Dmitry Pavlovich Romodanovsky; Dmitry Goryachev; Alexander Khokhlov; Alexey Evgenievich Miroshnikov;

Positive impact of melatonin and phenazepam combination on behavioral activity of rats
Eduard Arushanyan; Eduard Beyer; Olga Kaminskaya; Ludmila Sotnikova;

Role of galectin -3 in diagnostics and treatment control in patients with heart failure
Vladimir Kukes; Karine Gyamdzhyan; Anna Zhestovskaia; Yury Olefir; Valeriy Marinin; Alexey Prokofiev;

Role of genetic factors in therapy with indirect anticoagulants in ethnic groups of Stavropol Region
Vladimir Baturin; Anna Tsarukyan;

Study cardiotoxicity niosomal forms of doxorubicin
Igor Bazikov; Eduard Beyer; Alexander Maltsev; Natalia Malinina; M. Selimov; Valentina Botasheva;

Study of cefotaxime influence on morphological changes in the cells of Staphylococcus aureus by atomic force microscopy
Vladimir Baturin; M. Selimov; Albert Bolatchiev; Roman Budkevich; Vladimir Sadovoy; Elena Kunitsyna;

Study of chemical composition of peptides as а part of niosomal drug «Regenerin»
Igor Bazikov; Alexandr Kulichenko; Dmitriy Kovalev; Viktoria Binatova; Alexander Maltsev; Natalia Kalinkina; Ekaterina Goptareva; Violeta Korolkova;

Study of cyp2c9 gene polymorphism in ethnic groups of the population of stavropol region
Vladimir Baturin; Anna Tsarukyan; Elena Kolodijchuk;

Systemic antimicrobials consumption in outpatient practice: results of monitoring
Evgeny Shchetinin; Sergey Sirak; Vladimir Baturin; Alla Sirak; Olga Ignatiadi; Marina Vafiadi; Gregory Petrosyan; Liana Parazyan; Eldar Dygov; Armenak Arutyunov;

Vancomycin clearance calculation according to the mathematical modeling and pharmacokinetic research
Maria Vladimirovna Lukina; Tatiana Evgenyevna Morozova; Tatyana Borisovna Andrushchishina; Maria Alexandrovna Chukina; Galina Vladislavovna Ramenskaya; Igor Evgenievich Shokhin;

Stavropol State Medical Academy
Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics
Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy