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Development of a pharmacetical anticancer gel based on doxorubicin and silicone nanotechnology

[Clinical Pharmacology]
Igor Bazikov; Elena Chekrygina; Inna Klimanovich; Alexander Maltsev;

Developed a gel based on pharmacological niosomes silicone nature incorporated with the anticancer drug – doxorubicin at 5 mg/ml to enhance the efficacy of cancer treatment. Using prototype gel doxorubicin niosomes composition provides greater bioavailability of the antibiotic and significantly prolongs its retention time in blood concentrations. Even 48 hours after gel application prototype drug concentration in the blood exceeds control values three times. The transdermal route of administration of doxorubicin can reduce the cardiotoxic effect of the drug, dyspeptic reactions, reduce the likelihood of necrosis at the injection site, which significantly extends the use of the drug among patients with heart failure, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.


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Keywords: doxorubicin, niosomes, niosomal gel, skin cancer

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