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Role of galectin -3 in diagnostics and treatment control in patients with heart failure

[Clinical Pharmacology] [Pharmacology]
Vladimir Kukes; Karine Gyamdzhyan; Anna Zhestovskaia; Yury Olefir; Valeriy Marinin; Alexey Prokofiev;

The aim of the study was to assess clinical value of galectin-3 levels evaluation in patients with heart failure. The study results demonstrated decrease of plasma galectin-3 levels after pharmacotherapy. The decrease of galectin-3 levels was accompanied by clinical improvement in patients with heart failure. Thus, galectin-3 can be used as an additional biomarker for HF diagnostics and pharmacotherapy monitoring in patients with heart failure.


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Keywords: galectin-3, NT-proBNP, biomarkers, chronic heart failure

Stavropol State Medical Academy
Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics
Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy