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Possibilities of drug experimental simulation of dynamic intestinal obstruction

[Experimental medicine]
Mikhail Topchiev; Dmitriy Parshin; Lev Brusnev; Marat Kazbekovich Chotchaev;

A study to create an experimental model of acute dynamic intestinal obstruction using the pharmacological effects of Loperamide was carried out on 36 male Wistar rats. All animals were divided into 3 groups. Loperamide was administered 2 times a day at 12-hour intervals for 5 days at a daily dose of 0.022 mg/kg, 0.044 mg/kg or 0.09 mg/kg. The results were assessed by the number of defecations, macro- and microscopic picture, morphometric data. As a result of morphological studies in the first and second groups, macroscopic, histological and morphometric changes in the wall of the small intestine during the study period did not differ significantly from normal values. The model of compensated dynamic intestinal obstruction was achieved in the third group of animals (0.09 mg/kg/day) 72 hours after the start of the experiment. 120 hours after the start of the experiment, the animals formed a model of decompensated dynamic intestinal obstruction with characteristic macro- and microscopic changes in the intestine


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Keywords: dynamic intestinal obstruction, ileus paralytic, morphometric analysis, intestinal pathomorphology

Stavropol State Medical Academy
Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics
Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy