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Molecular-genetic typing of the acute intestinal infections bacterial and viral causative agents, detected in the Stavropol territory in 2016

[Infectious diseases]
Elena Chekryginav; Anna Volynkina; Egor Kotenov; Oksana Vasilievna Vasilieva; Alexandr Kulichenko;

The work presents the results of sub-species genetic typing of strains and nucleic acids isolates of acute intestinal infections of bacterial and viral causative agents detected in the Stavropol Territory in 2016. MLVA analysis of 36 strains of S. enteritidis, genetic typing of 16 RNA isolates of rotaviruses, 3 – enteroviruses, 2 – noroviruses was performed. The tested strains of S. enteritidis were characterized by high genetic heterogeneity and belonged to 11 MVLA genotypes. Rotaviruses belonging to the genotypes: G4[P8] (68.7 %), G2[P4] (18.8 %), G9[P8] (12.5 %) noroviruses: GII.Pe-GII.4_Sydney_2012 and GII. P16-GII.4_Sydney_2012, enetroviruses: Echovirus 5 and Echovirus 3 were identified. Based on the results of genetic identification of strains of acute intestinal infections causative agents, their epidemiological significance was assessed and specific features of regional strains were determined. The obtained data can be used in epidemiological analysis of sporadic cases and epidemic outbreaks of acute intestinal infections in the Stavropol Territory.


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Keywords: genetic typing, acute intestinal infections, Stavropol Territory

Stavropol State Medical Academy
Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics
Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy