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Effect of selective immunotherapy on recurrence rate of small pelvis adhesive process caused by external genital endometriosis

[Original research] [Obstetrios and gynecology]
Roman Pavlov; Ants Pydra; Victor Aksenenko;

In order to study the effect of selective immunotherapy on recurrence of pelvic adhesions after surgery for external genital endometriosis we evaluated subpopulations and cytokines production of immunocompetent cells in peripheral blood of 41 patients with external genital endometriosis with pelvic adhesive process before and after completion of «Roncoleukin» therapy, and the frequency of recurrence of adhesions in 50 patients with external genital endometriosis after surgical treatment. According to the results obtained in patients with pelvic adhesive process treated by «Roncoleukin» we observed an increase in the number of CD4, CD16, CD25-lymphocytes, as well as increase in the production of blood mononuclear cells IL1β, IL2, and IFNγ. The use of «Roncoleukin» in the postoperative period reduced the relapse rate in patients with adhesions and external endometriosis by 2.5 times. Thus, the proposed scheme for the prevention of recurrence of adhesions in patients with pelvic endometriosis can reduce the frequency of their occurrence more than 2 times.


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Keywords: endometriosis, adhesions, immunology

Stavropol State Medical Academy
Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics
Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy