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Biochemical status in patients on hemodialysis with different types of permanent vascular access

Roman Kalinin; Igor Suchkov; Andrey Egorov; Alexey Andreevich Kamaev; Sergey Isakov;

The indices of endothelial dysfunction in patients on hemodialysis with arteriovenous fistula were evaluated. The study included 120 patients with end-stage chronic kidney disease who underwent an arteriovenous fistula placement, the control group consisted of 40 healthy volunteers. The levels of copper zinc superoxide dismutase Cu/Zn-SOD, advanced oxidation protein products AOPP, peroxides (OxyStat), C-reactive protein CRP vascular cell adhesion molecules VCAM, endothelin-1, selectin sL, angiotensin-2 dimetilargenina, endothelin synthase, intercellular adhesion molecules ICAM were assessed. Patients with end-stage chronic kidney disease, receiving treatment with programmed hemodialysis compared to a group of healthy volunteers have significantly increased all studied markers, which indicates the presence of endothelial dysfunction and systemic inflammation. The studied parameters were lower in patients with stable permanent vascular access than in those with synthetic prostheses and unstable arteriovenous fistulas.


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Keywords: endothelial dysfunction, hemodialysis, arteriovenous fistula, oxidative stress

Stavropol State Medical Academy
Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics
Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy