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The ultrasonic way of the intraoperative assess of the resection volume of colon in children with chronic constipation

[Original research] [Surgery]
Igor Kirgizov; Sergey Minaev;

Research of 30 histological specimen of colon (autopsy material of normal colon wall) allows differentiating 5 layers in its wall. At intraoperative ultrasonic research of a colon wall in patients with chronic constipation, specific changes like hyperechoic inclusions in a wall structures are taped, that allows to define a degree of the specified changes and thereby resection level. Bench ultrasonic researches of various departments and colon sites, carried out on 30 histological specimens of colon, consisted of autopsy material gives rather detailed picture of the wall structure of an organ. The most important characteristics of the examined parts are the thickness of every layer and its echogenicity. During operations in 11 patients with decompensated forms of the chronic constipation, we managed to carry out an intraoperative ultrasonic diagnostics of the colon wall that was very important for differentiation of the changed parts of the organ, which required resection. With ultrasonic examination of the changed structure of the organ, special attention should be paid to the authentic increasing of the thickness of muscular layer of colon wall in a proximal way and decreasing of the submucous and subserous membranes thickness.


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Keywords: a chronic constipation, ultrasound, children

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Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics
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