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Aassessment of respiratory system functional state in patients with chronic rheumatic heart disease

[Original research]
Vadim Sergeevich Petrov;

The state of external respiration function was studied in 113 patients with rheumatic heart disease over a period of 5 years. Against the background of a significant decrease in the area of the mitral orifice by 0.22 cm2, reduction of the test distance of 6-minutes walking by 33.54 meters, obstructive and restrictive indices decreased. Lung vital capacity (VC) decreased by 16.46 %, forced VC (FVC) decreased by 5.31 %, and forced expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV1) by 3.09 %. There was significant decrease in VC, FVC, and FEV1 in the groups studied with III–IV functional class (FC) CHF compared with the I–II FC CHF. Spirometry was lower in the study group with atrial fibrillation when compared with patients with sinus rhythm: VC by 15.62 %, FVC by 12.13 %, FEV1 by 15.63 %.


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Keywords: rheumatic heart disease, mitral stenosis, respiratory function

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