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The role of pro-inflammatory neuropeptides in ulcerative colitis

[Original research] [Internal diseases]
Vladimir Pavlenko; Svetlana Alexandrova; Elizaveta Tsurova; Leila Amirkhanova;

The study included 40 patients with ulcerative colitis during the treatment with various drug combinations. Serum levels of neuropeptides were measured with ELISA assay. It was found that during the exacerbation of ulcerative colitis the substance P (SP) is increased in serum, while there is a decrease in neurotensin serum levels. SP serum levels were in direct correlation with the severity of the disease under discussion, and the NT serum levels demonstrated inverse correlation.

Drugs used in the treatment schemes for ulcerative colitis are able to modulate the serum levels of neuropeptides under consideration in patients with active ulcerative colitis.


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Keywords: ulcerative colitis, neuropeptides

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