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Polymоrphic lоcus RS17577 оf MMP9 gеne is assоciated with еssential hypеrtension in mеn

[Original research]
Maria Ivanovna Moskalenko; Irina Vasilievna Ponomarenko; Alexey Polonikov; Mikhail Ivanovich Churnosov;

In 564 men with EH and 257 controls analysis of the polymorphic loci of metalloproteinases rs243865 MMP2, rs17577 MMP9, rs652438 MMP12 was performed using real-time PCR. It was found that the allele G (OR=1.32, p=0.04) and the genotype GG (OR=1.42, p=0.03) rs17577 of the MMP9 gene are risk factors for the development of EH. The locus rs17577 MMP9 is nsSNP (SIFT Score=0.02). This polymorphism is located in histones region marking promoters and enhancers, in the region of hypersensitivity to DNAse-1 and in the binding sites of regulatory proteins GABP, CTCF, HAE2F1 and ZNF263. Polymorphic locus rs17577 MMP9 influences the expression level of the SLC12A5 and SNX21 genes. The data obtained open up prospects for the development of new technologies for the early diagnosis and prevention of essential hypertension in men.


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Keywords: essential hypertension, matrix metalloproteinases, single nucleotide polymorphism

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Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics
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