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Acne treatment in patients with connective tissue dysplasia

[Original research] [Dermatology]
Marina Koshel; Vyacheslav Chebotarev;

262 patients with acne were examined, 156 of them also showing signs of connective tissue dysplasia (CTD). The laboratory studies included a complete blood count and urinalysis, a biochemical blood test, including the determination of magnesium in plasma and erythrocytes with the diagnostic kit Cormey- Mg-250 (reaction with xylidyl blue in aqueous ethanol). The patients were treated with drugs in view of the clinical practice guidelines for this pathology. The study has shown that the patients with acne and CTD had reduced magnesium ions level in blood (compared to the other group); they had a more severe acne course, with the relapses occurring earlier following the treatment.

Due to this, the basic treatment scheme for patients with connective tissue dysplasia included magne- sium-containing medications stimulating collagen for- mation. A mathematical analysis was run to detect the negative impact CTD has on the course and treatment of acne, which offered a reliable explanation to the al- gorithm of treating acne cases associated with CTD, as well as allowed demonstrating the relevance of magne- sium-containing drugs


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Keywords: acne, connective tissue dysplasia, reduction of magnesium

Stavropol State Medical Academy
Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics
Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy