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Duration of latent period and iron deficiency development in children with celiac disease

[Original research] [Pediatrics]
Leonid Klimov; Victoria Kuryaninova; Marina Stoyan; Dayana Asaturova; Elena Gerasimenko; Madina Daguzhieva;

An analysis of iron deficiency (ID) occurrence was conducted; this involved 126 children with celiac disease depending on the age and the duration of the ailment’s latent period. The general occurrence rate of ID in children with celiac disease was 58.7 %, in those on their first year of life it was diagnosed in 90.0 % of cases, while in preschoolers the rate went down to be on the up again in schoolers (up to 70.0 %). As for the nosological pattern of ID in infants and schoolers, there is prevailing iron deficiency anemia (IDA), while patients aged 1–7 years have latent iron deficiency (LID) prevalent in them. In children with celiac disease the occurrence of IDA in its mild form was 64.9 %, moderate – 32.4 %, severe – 2.7 %.

An increase in the latent period of undiagnosed celiac disease in children and adolescents comes along with progressing depletion in the transport and tissue pool of iron storage, as well as changing quantitative and morphometric features in erythrocytes, which results in a growing occurrence rate of the manifest type of ID – IDA.


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Keywords: celiac disease, children, anemia, iron deficiency

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Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics
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