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Issue 2013-1

Table of contents

Original research. Pediatrics.

Obesity and allergic diseases in children living in Stavropol
Villi Lysogora; Valentina Gervazieva;

Clinical and epidemiological aspects of tumours of the central nervous system in children’s population of Stavropol territory
Svetlana Dushko; Inna Stremenkova; Margarita Gevandova; Alexandr Rogov;

Group and rhesus identity of the blood of healthy and cerebral palsy children in the population of the Rostov region
Vladimir Tupikov; Viktor Shamik;

Erythropoetin and proinflammatory cytokines production against the undifferentiated dysplasia of the connecting tissue at congenital developmental anomalies of urinary system organs at children
Aneta Mambetova; Rashid Zhetishev; Nina Shabalova;

Effect of different levels of environmental pollution on the formation of diseases of the liver, gallbladder and pancreas in children in environmental conditions of Krasnodar region
Victoria Shashel; Pavel Levin; Galina Naumenko; Alexandra Shashel;

Original research. Internal diseases.

Visual-biophysical diagnostics of asymmetric hypertrophy of myocardium of the left ventricle at the heart connective tissue displasia
Viktor Yakovlev; Alexandr Yagoda; Sergey Gusev;

Clinical and diagnostic features of the musculoskeletal system pathology in patients with joint hypermobility syndrome
Galina Saneeva; Alexandr Vorotnikov; Georgy Airapetov;

Selectins and histological changes in chronic viral liver diseases
Alexandr Yagoda; Pavel Koroy; Guzel Gilyazova;

Original research. Surgery.

Medicinal prophylaxis of restenosis after lower limb arterial reconstructive surgery
Roman Kalinin; Igor Suchkov; Alexandr Pshennikov; Alexandr Slepnyov;

Medical-diagnostic approach in adolescents with lower limb varicosity
Igor Doronin; Sergey Minaev; Yaroslav Sukhodolov;

Surgical approach in complicated cholelithiasis among the patients of senile age
Rakhimat Kurbanismailova; Rasul Medzhidov;

Original research. Stomatology.

Detection of gnathological triad index in patients with retention of permanent teeth by modern diagnostic methods
Elena Vakushina; Alexandr Bragin; Pavel Grigorenko; Sergey Bragin;

Bacterial spectrum of a mucous membrane of the mouth organs and periodontal pockets at patients on the background of parodontitis
Tatyana Markina; Yuri Mayboroda; Elvira Uryasyeva;

The effectivness of use of magnetic laser therapy and automated computer system «Diast» in practical periodontics
Dzera Lyanova; Tatyana Tarasova; Veronika Slonova; Tamara Lyanova; Oxana Lezhnina; Victoria Lavrinenko;

Efficiency of therapeutic-orthopedic measures in complex treatment of periodontitis on the background of partial loss of teeth and traumatic occlusion
Yuri Mayboroda; Elvira Uryasyeva; Elena Belaya; Igor Aksenov;

Original research. Obstetrios and gynecology.

Evaluation of the body adaptive and regulatory status at different stages of compensation of edematous form of premenstrual syndrome
Irina Kutsenko; Maria Babicheva;

Systemic antistress activation therapy in prevention of premature delivery
Olesya Kontlokova; Valery Ryzhkov;

Original research. Dermatology.

The use experience of local wound healing agents in the treatment of Pemphigus vulgaris with localization on the oral mucosa and lips
Sergey Sirak; Vyacheslav Chebotarev; Alla Sirak; Anna Grigoryan;

Comparative characteristics of immunomodulatory effect of foam intragastric cocktails of different gas composition in patients with atopic dermatitis
Leonid Starokozhko; Ivan Gajdamaka; Anna Tishaeva;

Original research. Infectious diseases.

Evaluation of life quality in patients with acne in conjunction with connective tissue dysplasia
Marina Koshel; Natalya Chebotareva; Irina Vorushilina; Maria Evsevyeva;

Improvement of anthax phagodiagnostics: evaluation of bacteriophage «186» specificity
Tatyana Golovinskaya; Olga Tsygankova; Alla Ryazanova; Alexandr Kulichenko;

Serological monitoring of arbovirus infections in Stavropol region
Alexandr Kulichenko; Nadezhda Vasilenko; Olga Maletskaya; Alexandr Ermakov; Natalia Varfolomeeva;

Original research. Morphology.

Anatomical and functional peculiarities of the heart coronary bed on intravital coronary angiography
Oxana Lezhnina; Alexandr Korobkeev;

Stages of patho- and morphogenesis of chronic hepatopathy at chronic drug intoxication
Olga Ermakova; Irina Kostornaya;

Original research. Public health and health care.

Experience of students health care service organization in «Health center» of Kuban State Medical University
Sergey Alekseenko; Diana Gubareva;

The long-term prediction of population aging in Stavropol territory
Alexandr Solomonov; Pavel Pliev; Atsamaz Kaloev;


The influence of hypotensive monotherapy with telmisartan and amlodipine on levels of adiponectin and cytokines in patients with metabolic syndrome
Suleyman Mammaev; Victoria Petrosova; Aminat Karimova;

Genetic polymorphism of cytochrome Р-450 isoenzyme CYP2D6 in population of Stavropol region
Vladimir Baturin; Anna Tsarukyan;

Children preventive and prophilaсtic treatment for syphilis prevention
Vyacheslav Chebotarev; Nazirul Amirdzhahan;

Breast cancer and phenotypic status: tumor receptors profile and it`s morphological features
Maria Evsevyeva; Vladimir Eryomin; Tamara Yaschenko; Konstantin Khurtsev;

Changes in pharmacotherapy of ischemic heart disease according to the modernized diagnostic and treatment standards in hospitals of Stavropol territory
Elena Kolodijchuk; Madina Dereva; Irina Terentyeva;

Stroke epidemiology in Stavropol region
Madina Bogatyreva; Olga Klochikhina; Lyudmila Stakhovskaya;

Stature characteristics of children and adolescents aged 0-17 years in Stavropol
Natalya Zarytovskaya; Angelina Kalmykova; Maria Popova;

The morphofunctional characteristics of coronary sinus veins in advanced and senile age
Alexandr Korobkeev; Mariyam Botasheva; Ilya Fedko;

Stress effect on haloperidol catalepsy over the entire circadian in female rats at different stages of estrous cycle period
Vladimir Baturin; Eleonora Manvelyan; Marina Bulgakova;

Way to increase the accuracy of condylar prosthesis implantation in minimally invasive arthroplasty
Anna Alabut; Vladimir Sikilinda;

Genotyping of strains Yersinia pestis, isolated from the East-Caucasian hight-mountain natural plague focus in 2010 year
Irina Kuznetsova; Dmitry Efremenko;

Comparison of injuries revealed at sectional study of the persons died in the transport accidents
Dmitry Deyneko;

Original research. Medical education.

The pathophysiological bases of contemporary pharmacotherapy
Vladimir Baturin; Evgeny Shchetinin; Marina Vafiadi; Svetlana Miloserdova;

Notes from practice.

Dilated cardiomyopathy in patient with the hereditary disease – Duchenne-Becker`s muscular dystrophy
Alexandr Yagoda; Olga Boeva; Elena Scheglova; Natalya Bulgakova;


Diagnosis and treatment of fractures of the distal radius metaepiphysis in elderly and senile age
Dmitry Bugaev; Victor Gorbunkov;

The use of exogenous nitric oxide in treatment of ulcerative necrotic lesions in patients with diabetic foot
Igor Suzdaltsev; Ivan Polapin;

The value of the epiphyseal hormone melatonin for Pediatrics and Pediatric Pharmacology
Eduard Arushanyan;

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