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Issue 2008-2

Yakovlev V.M.

Modern condition and prospects of development of the problem of hereditary

connective tissue dysplasia: opinion of the clinical physician

Zemtsovsky E.V.

Nondifferentiated connective tissue dysplasia. attempt of new judgement of the concept

Kadurina Т.I., Abbakumova L.N.

Estimation of the severity of the nondifferentiated connective tissue dysplasia in children

Kostik I.A., Chukhlovina M.L., Larionova V.I., Kadurina T.I.

Genetic markers of the vascular pathology in children with nondifferentiated connective

tissue dysplasia

Yagoda A.V., Zhdanov YU. S., Gladkikh N.N.

Role of polymorphism of some genes - candidates in control of endotelial function in patients with heart micro anomalies

Yagoda A.V., Gladkikh N.N.

Condition of autoimmunity to collagen and cytokine structure in patients with mitral valve prolapse

Trisvetova E.L., Yudina O.A.

The anatomical characteristic and classification of abnormally located heart chords

Gnussaev S.F., Belozerov JU.M., Vinogradov A.F.

Clinical value of heart micro anomalies in children

Smolnova T.YU., Savelyev S.V., Yakovleva N.I.,Grishin V.L., Barabanov V.M.

Phenomenon of generalized cytopathia in women with prolapse and loss of internal genitals -as phenotypical sign of the connective tissue dysplasia syndrome at the tissue level

Gladkikh N.N.

Informativity of combinations of external stigmas with mitral valve prolapsed in diagnostics of osteo-muscular and extracardial visceral changes

Kalmykova A.S., Patseva N.P.

Condition of central haemodinamics in children and teenagers with heart connective tissue dysplasia syndrome (hctds)

Evsevyeva М.Е., Vlasyants Е.А., Aleinic O.N.

Dysplasia of the connective tissue and diastolic dysfunction at ischemic heart disease (ihd) in aspect of interrelation with arrythmic syndrome

Vereschagina G.N., Lisichenko O.V.

Cardiovascular syndrome at systemic connective tissue dysplasia in young men

Yakovlev V. M., Hait G.YA., Gussev S.V.

Electrophysiological remodeling of the left ventricle at hereditary connective tissue heart

dysplasia: conceptual model of electrogenesis

Sturov V.G., Tchuprova A.V., Anmut S.YA., Plyushkin V.A.

Infringements of the final stage of blood coagulation in patients with the systemic mesenchymal dysplasia syndrome

Filipenko P.S., Kuchmaeva T.B

Features of clinical course of expiratory stenosis of the trachea and the main bronchial tubes in patients with the syndrome of nondifferentiated connective tissue dysplasia

Klemenov A.V., Martynov V.L., Torgushina N.S.

Primary bauhin valvule insufficiency as visceral phenotypical marker of connective tissue dysplasia

Vereschagina G.N., Маkhmudyan D.А.

Kidneys at systemic connective tissue dyslasia

Klemenov A.V.

The vegetative dystonia syndrome in young men with mitral valve prolapsed

Glotov A.V., Plotnikova O.V., Ivanova E.A., Demchenko V.G.

Physical work ability and adaptable opportunities of cardio respiratory system of young persons with the nondifferentiated connective tissue dysplasia

Bakulina E.G., Yezhova V.V., Vointseva А.А., Kotelnikova N.Yu.

Osteodysplasias: diagnostic aspects of prenatal period of ontogenesis

Doronin I.V, Minayev S.V., Doronin V.F.

Screening-diagnostics of lower extremities veins diseases at carrying out of prophylactic medical examination of children

Victorova I.A., Kiselyova D.S., Kalitskaya I.G., Korablyova L.M., Suvorova S.G., Nosova M.G.

The joints hypermobility: influence of excessive physical work on the painful syndrome formation

Viktorova I.A., Soldatova E. YU., KalitskaYA I.G., Korableva L.M., Suvorova S.G., Gritsay E.O., Suleyeva Zh.K.

Features of conducting patients with the joints hypermobility syndrome


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