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Issue 2011-2

Savisko A. A., Lebedenko A. A.

The instrumental and laboratory investigation in children with bronchial asthma: the clinical reality

Vodovozova E. V., Ledeneva L. N., Petrosyan G. G., Yagupova A. V., Savrassova Yu. S.

Peculiarities of lipide exchange at children of stavropol territory, suffering from the mixed form of mucoviscidosis

Sakharov S. P., Ivanov V. V.

Features of immune response in children with burn disease

Andreyeva V., Levkovich M., Karpuschenko N., Mashtalova A., Gerasimova I.

The role of endocrine and immune disorders in the pathogenesis of oligomenorrhea and amenorrhea in adolescent girls with anorexia nervosa

Shashel V. A., Firsova V. N., Shashel A. M., Schegolevataya N. N.

Balneary rehabilitation of children and teenagers with erosive-ulcer stomach and duodenum disorders, inhabitants of the areas with difficult environment

Ponomareva L. I.

Endogenous autorosette formation and automicroflora skin characteristics of often ill children

Korobka V. L., Glushkova O. I.

Method of duodenum-preserving pancreatic head resection in patients with chronic pancreatitis

Teryoshin A. T., Sosnovsky I. B., Efimenko A. P., Bilim V. I.

Neuroendocrinal deviations in patients with chronic prostatitis and erectile dysfunction

Pozdnyakova O. Yu., Baturin V. A.

The analysis of doctor’s practice of treatment the bronchial asthma patients in the pulmonological regional departments

Yakovlev V. M., Yagoda A. V, Yakovlev P. V.

Clinical and pathogenetic aspects of diabetic cardiomyopathy («diabetic» heart)

Pyshkin S. A., Gorfinkel A. N., Pirogova I. Yu.

Chronic hcv-infection with normal transaminase levels: opportunities of noninvasive diagnostics

Balyazina E. V.

Therapy of the classic trigeminal neuralgia

Kardangusheva A. M., Elgarova L. V., Elgarov A. A.

Health saving program of support of the educational process at higher educational institutions

Osipyan E. M., Berezina A. E., Galstyan M. V., Oganesyan I. G., Vasilenko I. A., Gurevich L. E., Kekalo A. I.

Importance of cytomorphological studies in the diagnosis of salivary gland disorders

Garumova M. A., Tsakhaeva K. G., Malayeva B. Z., Parfeynikov S. A., Andreyeva I. N.

Drug support of cardiovascular prevention and treatment in the outpatient setting in the republic of Dagestan

Vdovenko-martynova N. N., Kobilchenko N. V., Blinova T. I.

Content of biologically active compounds in rose roots (rosa canina l.) of north caucasus

Bozrova D. M., Berezhnaya E. S., Maksimkina E. A., Parfeynikov S. A.

Analysis of the features of the purchase (distribution) logistics used for organization of pharmaceutical products tender for health care in the north ossetia- Alania

Albegova ZH. K., Brin V. B., Gagloyeva I. M., Kabisov O. T.

The enterosorbents use the prophylaxis of cardio-toxic action of molybdenum in the experiment

Bazikov I. A., Gukasyan A. L., ZelenskI V. A.

Trypsinization of the placental tissue of animal origin for reception

of single-layered culture of cells xenofibroblasts

Mazhugin V. Yu., Kurajan K. M., Berezovsky D. P.

Morphometric parameters of vessels in fracture area of the long cortical bone in hyperhomocysteinemia model (pilot project)

Frantseva V. O.

Characteristic features of socio-psychological development and physical growth

of teenagers

Kurbatov A. V., Amlayev K. R., Muravyov K. A.

Modern approach to policy of health inequalities reducing in population

Podgayeva V. A., Golubev D. N., Chernyaev I. A., Shulev P. L.

Complex integral assessment of resource supply of public health facilities and anti tuberculosis service in the territories of the Ural region

Sharshov F. G., Pavlenko V. L., Spiridonova E. A., Rumyantsev S. A., Prometnoy D. V., Chernozubenko A. V.

Analysis of admissions to the hospitals of children with traumatic injuries in the rostov region

Ivanova E. V.

The improvement of investment activity forms at the market of goods and services

Kardangusheva A., Elgarova L., Elgarov A.

Health saving program of support of the educational process at higher educational institutions

Burduli N. M. , Gutnova S. K.

Relationship between clinical symptoms and motor function indicators of the upper parts

of the gastrointestinal tract in patients with chronic pancreatitis

Agranovich O. V. , Agranovich A. O.

Bruxism and epilepsy (some clinical and neurophysiological aspects of bruxism)

Vorushilina I. E., Mazharova M. I., Odinetz A. V., Kazmina I. B., Osadchaya A. S.

The clinical case of reiter`s disease: complete tetrad


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