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Issue 2013-3

Table of contents

Original research. Internal diseases.

Selectins as predictors of stable virologic clearance in chronic viral hepatitis C
Alexandr Yagoda; Pavel Koroy; Guzel Gilyazova;

Dynamics of echocardiography data in elderly patients with arterial hypertension with background of combined hypotensive therapy depending on type of left ventricle remodeling
Leyla Gadzhieva; Kubatay Masuev; Madina Ibragimova;

Cardio-vascular risks in penitentiary men
Zaira Tatarova; Anatoly Elgarov; Maryana Kalmykova; Marat Elgarov;

Calcium homeostasis in patients with osteoarthritis
Vitaly Obydenkov; Igor Totrov; Zara Khetagurova;

The clinical significance of endotoxemia associated with neutropenia during antiviral therapy of chronic viral hepatitis C and the ways of its pharmacological correction
Natalya Geyvandova; Alexandr Yagoda; Ekaterina Bondarenko;

Original research. Pediatrics.

Life quality evaluation of children with choledochal cysts
Dmitry Fokin; Vadim Dudarev; Igor Kirgizov; Artem Shakhtarin;

An improvement of treatment newborns optimization of management of necrotizing enterocolitis in newborns
Sergey Minaev; Elena Tovkan; Alexandr Kachanov; Alesya Isaeva;

State of hemodynamics in children with atopic dermatitis during transcranial electrical stimulation
Valentina Sizova; Evgeny Volchansky;

Original research. Stomatology.

Impact of prophylactic medical examination of patients after teeth prosthetics with different state of pulp on the dental oral health and life quality
Evgeny Bragin; Tatyana Aksenova; Alexandr Bondarenko; Maxim Bondarenko; Nina Martirosyan;

The use of porous titanium for bone subantral augmentation in dental implantation (experimental study)
Sergey Sirak; Alexandr Sletov; Armen Martirosyan; Inal Ibragimov; Maria Perikova;

Homeopathy in complex reconstructive treatment of the abutment teeth parodontium using cermets prostheses
Maxim Bondarenko; Evgeny Bragin; Tatyana Aksenova; Alexandr Bondarenko;

Original research. Psychiatry.

Psychological features of law-enforcement agency officers with psychological disadaptation
Maria Korekhova; Irina Novikova; Andrey Solovyev;

Features of speech disorders of preschool children of urban and rural areas in the European North of Russia
Lyubov Fedotova; Andrey Solovyev;

Original research. Social medicine and public health service.

Health parameters of the first year students in Stavropol
Valeria Brusneva;

Internatonal approach to the narcotic and psychotropic substances expansion control
Julia Makhailova; Alexey Abramov;

Adherence to treatment: techniques, technologies correctinginadequate adherence to therapy
Arsen Koychuev;

Health related quality of life in Volgograd region
Alexandr Nenarokov;

Original research. Urology.

Elastography of shift wave in diagnostics of prostate diseases
Alexandr Bolotskov; Andrey Volkov; Mikhail Petrichko;

Original research. Dermatology.

The protective effect of silimar in patients with psoriasis treated by methotrexate
Maria Arnautova;

Original research. Infectious diseases.

Ecologic and epidemiologic features of toxoplasmosis in Dagestan Republic
Tamara Tsarueva; Magomed Saidov; Albina Dzhalilova; Dinara Dzhalilova; Bariyat Saidova; Zaira Saidova; Gazi Gaziev;

Original research. Morphology.

Comparative analysis of morphofunctional parameters of the heart coronary bed in norm and myocardial infarction
Oxana Lezhnina; Alexandr Korobkeev;


The effect of exogenous nitric mono oxide on the concentration of interleukin-6 and interleukin-10 in the serum at complex treatment of ulcero-necrotic complicationsof the diabetic foot syndrome
Igor Suzdaltsev; Ivan Polapin;

Expression of apoptosis markers in children with type 1 diabetes
Lyudmila Barycheva; Natalya Erdni-Goryaeva; Marina Golubeva;

Surgical patients’ rehabilitation after radical treatment of breast cancer
Sergey Blokhin; Igor Suzdaltsev; Kirill Nadein;

The clinical case of disintegration of the skin and tissues of the external nose
Vyacheslav Chebotarev; Marat Askhakov; Alexey Odinets;


Conceptual model of clinical and genetic methods of differential diagnosis of hereditary connective tissue dysplasia
Viktor Yakovlev; Alexandr Yagoda; Natalya Rubanova;


The protective effect of melatonin on the function of red blood cells
Eduard Arushanyan;

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