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Issue 2012-4

Yakovlev V. M., Fetisova E. S.

Computer visual and biophysical diagnostics of stem extrasystole

Kurochkina O. N., Spassky A. A.,

Khokhlov A. L., Yerusheva E. V., Vundervald D. S.

Efficiency of postinfarction cardiosclerosis managing in clinical practice

Zakirova N. L.

Clinical and functional characterisctics of arterial hypertension in patients with various daily sodium excretion

Rozhkova M. Yu., Lyalyukova E. A., Nechayeva G. I.

ACID-function features of the stomach in young patients with connective tissue dysplasia

Burduli N. M., Tadtaeva D. Y.

Dynamics of heart rate variability in patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease under the influence of laser therapy

Rubanova N. A.

Optimization of the diagnostic process methodology of hereditary connective tissue dysplasia

Popov A. P., Gasparyan M. V., Shakhnazaryan A. M.

Results of surgical treatment of atherosclerotic lesions of carotid arteries in elderly and senile age in the regional vascular center

Korobka V. L., Shapovalov A. M., Kostrykin M. Yu, Korobka R. V.

Surgical treatment of chronic pancreatitis complicated by pancreatic cyst

Tkachev V. V., Usachev A. A., Kran O. I.,

Results of surgical treatment of the patients with multiple cerebral aneurysms in acute stage of hemorrhage with the use of a strategy «damage control»

Shamik V. B., Davud B. A., Frantsiyants K. G.

The peculiarities of surgical treatment of asymmetric funnel chest in children over 12 years

Teryoshin A. T., Sosnovsky I. B., Ikhayev A. B.

Reserve function of testicles at patients with chronic prostatitis with erectile dysfunction

Panchenko I. A., Marabyan E. S., Garmash O. N., Frantsev R. S.

Results of the comprehensive approach in treatment of lower urinary tract syndrome in a specialized uroandrological center

Ponomaryov L. E.

Assess of the functional state of the tonsils by cytological study of the contents of their crypts at chronic tonsillitis

Karpov V. P., Enin I. P., Enin I. V., Morenko V. M., Agranovich V. I., Djamaludinov Yu. A.

Modern diagnostics of the eustachian tubes dysfunctions

Koshel V. I., Ivolga T. I., Makhlinovskaya N. V., Koshel I. V., Tzartzidis E. A.

Health care management in otorhinolaryngology and audiology–otorhinolaryngology

at stavropol territory

Ponomaruev L. E.

Thermal vision study of chronic tonsillitis in children

Karpov V. P., Enin I. P., Morenko B. M., Djamaludinov U. A.

How we treat Eustachian tubes dysfunctions

Bondar T. P., Tsaturyan E. O., Muratova A. Y.

The influence of platelet haemostasis of mother on platelet morphofunctional parameters in newborns

Korcheva E. G., Yashkov A. V., Pechkurov D. V.

Physiotherapy in the complex treatment of bronchial asthma in children

Parshutina L. O.-S., Emelyanova L. A.

Practical aspects of water curative physical culture for the correction of scoliosis in the teenagers with unequal leg length

Antyuganov S. N., Buravtseva N. P., Ryazanova A. G, Eremenko E. I., Tsygankova O. I., Mesenzev V. M., Aksenova L. Y., Lisogora E. V., Dgailidi G. A.

Anthrax in stavropol territory

Ivanov V. V., Shipilov M. V.

Inflammatory cytokines and their importance in influenza pH1N1

Chebotarev V. V., Zmievskaya E. V., Alieva P. M.

Morbidity structure of sexually transmitted infections in adolescents of Stavropol

Amlaev K. R., Muravyova V. N., Koychuev A. A., Utkina G. Y.

Health literacy: facts, evaluation, techniques for improving personal health competency

Frantseva V. O., Evsevieva M. E., Brusneva V. V., Ivanova E. A.

An experience of stavropol state medical academy in forming helth saving system

Korjanova M. M., Ovsienko A. B.

Rehabilitation of women with the combined pathology of internal genitals and a backbone

Baturin V. A., Shchetinin E. V., Nered'Ko E. G., Demidenko I. F., Savchenko T. A.

The role of ureaplasma urealyticum in intranatal infections

Korobkeev A. A., Lezhnina O. Yu., Fedko I. I.

Morphometric features of subepicardial coronary vasculature

Skryl A. V., Mrikaeva M. R., Pecherskich E. A.

The analysis of errors and complications at restoration of defects of a tooth crown with pin constructions of dentures

Vodolatskij M. P., Vodolatskij V. M., Tumanjan S. M.

Treatment of patients with protrusive occlusion of dentitions

Androsova O. V., Dubovoy A. A., Aksenenko V. A.

Clinical and epidemiological characteristics of arterial hypertension in pregnancy

Ponomarev L. E.

Age peculiarities of the course of otogenic and rhinogenic intracranial complications

Shchetinin E. V., Morenko V. M., Enin I. P., Karpov V. P., Baturin V. A.

Recurrent tonsillitis and pharyngitis associated with chlamydophila pneumoniae

Zakarian A. A., Apaguni A. E., Ulyanchenko M. I., Razumnyi N. V., Filippov A. V., Atajanian R. S.

Level i trauma center as effective organizational technology of rendering medical care by the patients with traumas and shock

Alekseenko S. N., Gaivoronskaya T. V.

Students poll as an effective implement of monitoring the higher school internal environment

Klimov L. Ya., Vdovina T. M., Kuryaninova V. A., Pismenova N. N., Dolbnya S. V., Stoyan M. V., Atanesyan R. A., Agadganyan M. E., Stremenkova I. A.

The case of apert’s syndrome in the girl

Yagoda A. V., Gladkikh N. N., Gasparyan N. V.

Interstitial pneumonitis associated with sarcoma of uterus

Ashikhmina M. A., Amlaev K. R.

HIV/AIDS prevention among vulnerable groups

R. R. Kaliyev, I. T. Murkamilov

Renal anemy and cardiovascular disorders


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