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Issue 2011-3

Abdulkhalikov A. S.

Surgical treatment of recurrent thyrotoxicosis

Tatyanchenko V. K., Bogdanov V. L.

New technologies in the diagnostics and treatment of acute tissue hypertension syndrome in patients with the abscesses of epithelial coccygeal duct

Obedin A. N., Minayev S. V., Muravyova A. A.

Preventive diagnostics of inflammatory complications after surgical intervention at newborns with congenital malformations

Kalmykova A. S., Zarytovskaya N. V.

Individual health of schoolgirls of the graduation classes

Tsanayeva A. V., Oransky S. P.,Malkhasyan I. G., Yeliseyeva L. N.

Nutritive status of patients with rheumatoid arthritis without disease modifying treatment

Datsieva S. M., Masuyev K. A., Kadaeva D. A., Ibragimova M. I.

Optimal approach to the treatment of elderly patients with copd: therapeutic features of bronchodilators tiotropium bromidum and berodual

Burduli N. M., Gutnova S. K.

Application of the intravenous laser irradiation of blood in the phase of exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis

V. M. Yakovlev, A. V. Yagoda, E. G. Bakulina

Diagnostics of the abnormalities of biological development in connective tissue dysplasias

Sirak S. V., Sirak A. G., Kopylova I. A., Biragova A. K.

Study of morphological changes in the dental pulp following the treatment of deep caries and focal acute pulpitis in experiment

Aksenova T. V., Bondarenko A. N.

Basis of planning of treatment and rehabilitation measures in patients with caries complications

Khristoforando D. Yu.

Analysis of prevalence, diagnosis and treatment of cranio-facial multitrauma

Dragan E. V., Bondarenko T. N.

Results of saliva isolation at treatment of dental patients with various psychological personality types

Karakov K. G., Koshel V. I., Sarkisov A. A., Bichegkuyeva V. E.

Cytochemical evaluation of the functional activity of dehydrogenases in periodontitis and chronic maxillary rhinosinusitis

Starodubtsev A. I., Vyschlova I. A., Starodubtsev A. A.

Dynamics of asthenic syndrome in patients with traumatic encephalopathy

Budkevich E. V., Baturin V. A., Budkevich R. O., Tinkova E. L.

Some parameters of nervous system during daytime wakefulness in adolescents living in the regions with different ecological conditions

Runikhina N. K., Androsova Yu. M., Bart B. Ya.

Changes in heart rate and blood pressure variability and cognitive function at hypertensive disorders in pregnancy

Arushanyan E. B., Beyer E. V., Naumov S. S.,Popov A. V.

Psycho- and chronopharmacological activity of complex herbal drug tonisid

Elbekyan K. S., Arushanyan E. B.,Muravyeva A. B.

Experimental studying of antidiabetic properties of natural adaptogens of the various origins

Belous Y. A., Drozdova G. A.,Komarevtseva I. A., Mustyatsa V. F., Orlova E. A., Komarevtseva E. V.,Philippova O. I.

Renin-angiotensin system in regulation of apoptosis in kidneys: a role of nitric oxide

Katunina L. S., Taran T. V., Bazikov I. A., Taran A. V., Khatkov E. M., Gukasyan A. L.

Designing and the comparative characteristics of the new nutrient mediums for cultivation of legionellas

Krikova A. V., Novikov V. E., Novikov A. S.

Effect of diosmin and hesperidin on morpho-functional state of myocardium of rats at acute stress action

Khadartseva M. P.

Influence of intragastral and subcutaneous introduction of cadmium sulfate on renal excretion of water and ions at experimental hypervitaminosis d.

Lezhnina O. Yu., Korobkeyev A. A.,Fedko I. I., Neizhmak N. V.

Parameters of subepicardial arteries and heart veins arrangement

Budnik A. F., Urusbambetov A. Kh.,Bogatyreva O. Ye., Nersesyan N. A.

Prostate parenchyma in related aspect

Smirnov A. V., Panshin N. G., Smirnova T. F., Spasov A. A., Chernikov M. V., Kharitonova M. V., Zheltova А. А.

Structural alterations in kidney and testis of rats on alimentary magnesium deficiency

Masuyeva A.M., Khachirov Dzh.G., Khasayev A.Sh.

Gender features of makhachkala population applying for urgent medical care in the cases of cardiovascular diseases

Ivanova E. V., Meleshkina N. V.,Meleshkina V. V.

Trends in russian health care business

Shulga U. V., Berezhnaya E. S., Maksimkin E. A., Parfeynikov S. A.

Study of policy pricing medicines in view of the regional pharmaceutical markets

Panyushev V. J., Petrov A. J., Andreyeva I. N.

Use of information technologies in the interaction of physicians and pharmacists in prescription and dispensing of pharmacy (review)

Muravyov A. V., Muravyov K. A.

The role of cancer in the formation of emergency surgical care requirement

Karnysheva N. G., Berezhnaya E. S., Maksimkin E. A., Parfeynikov S. A.

Providing of expensive (high-tech) medical care in the south and north-caucasian federal districts

Besedin S. G., Babina L. M.

Sinusoidal modulated currents in the therapy of infantile cerebral paralysis with liquorodynamic disturbances

Shvedunova L. N., Khodova T. V.

Optimization of spa treatment of children with environmental disadaptation syndrome

Hodzhayan A. B., Fedorenko N. N.,Krasnova L. A.

Approaches to the problem of the human organism aging mechanisms

Rubin V. V., Urvacheva Е. Е.

Restorative therapy of erectile dysfunction in the metabolic syndrome at zheleznovodsk resort

Yagoda S. A., Ivanchenko V. V.,Bakumenko K. I., Sadovnichiy K. S.

Differentiation of schizophrenia clinical forms based on the electrodermal activity

Geyvandova N. I., Belova N. G.,Faleyeva O. V., Aleksandrovich G. A.

Influence of insulin sensitizers on some parameters of inflammation in non-alchoholic fatty liver disease

Boyev I. V., Akhverdova O. A.,Uvarov Vl. V., Yakshin V. A.

Features of anthropocentric approach in the diagnostics of postreactive mental disorders in children and adolescents

Yagoda A. V., Zhdanov Yu. S.

Angiotensin-converting enzyme and its genetic determinant in patients with connective tissue dysplasia

Neyzhmak N. V., Korobkeyev A. A., Lezhnina O. Yu.

Change of total circumcision of human heart suberpicardial vein bloodstream

in adolescence and juvenile age

Minaev S. V., Bolotov Yu. N., Albert A. E., Prislegina D. A., Butko M. V.

The torsion of testis in 1 year old infant

Ermolayev A.A., Plavunov N.F., Spiridonova E.A., Stazhadze L.L.

Diagnostics of acute pulmonary embolism


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