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Issue 2012-1

Pavlenko V. V., Amirkhanova L. Z., Kataganova G. A., Tsurova E. A., Koroy P. V.

Soluble adhesion molecules (icam-1, icam-2 and l-selectin) at ulcerative colitis

Dontsov D. V., Ambalov Y. M.

Neutrophils damage detection in patients with chronic hepatitis in prediction of interferon+ribavirin induced neutropenia

Burduly N. M., Piliyeva N. G.

Effects of low-intensity intravenous laser therapy on the structural and functional erythrocytes properties in patients with community-acquired pneumonia

Pershina T. A., Spitsin A. P.

Changes of central hemodynamics of students in a dosed mental stress

Koroy P. V., Yagoda A. V., Pavlenko V. V.

Antibodies to collagen in chronic viral liver diseases. Effects of antiviral therapy

Muravyova V. N., Khodzhayan A. B.,Fedko N. A.,

Aksenenko V. A., Koshel E. M., Gevandova M. G.

The importance of selected parameters of reproductive potential in integrated assessment of adolescents health

Barycheva l. Y., Shalina M. S., Golubeva M. V.,

Maletskaya O. V., Aliyeva E. V., Kogotkova O. I., Volkova A. V.

Functional state of neutrophilic granulocytes in children with epstein-barr virus infection

Teplyakova E. D.

Effect of homocysteine and lipid peroxidation on the formation of myocardial diastolic dysfunction in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Zagrubina A. N., Kalmykova A. S.,Muravyova V. N.

Monitoring of antibiotic susceptibility of urinary system infective agents in younger children

Vafin A. Z., Novikov S. V., Aidemirov A. N.

Problems of abdominal wound during treatment of purulent pancreatonecrosis by the programmed open debridement

Muravyov A. V., Zhuravel R. V., Lysenko O. V., Malyugin V. S., Muravyova A. A., Chumakov P. I.

Complex treatment of actinomycosis of sacrococcygeal and perianal regions

Aidemirov A. N., Vafin A. Z., Chemyanov G. S., Mnatsakanyan E. G., Laipanov R. M., Chumakov P. I.

New technologies in diagnosis and treatment of large and huge ventral hernias

Ermakov A. V., Vasilenko N. F.,Varfolomeyeva N. G., Kirejtseva O. A.,Volynkina A. S., Zaikina I. N., Maletskaya O. V., Kulichenko A. N.

Monitoring of transmissible infections with natural foci in the area of kavminvody (caucasian mineral waters)

Roganova I. V.

Description of the erythrocytes in patients of middle age with influenza

Tyumentseva I. S., Afanasyev E. N., Aliyeva E. V., Kurcheva S. A., Garkusha Y. Y.

Antigens and antiserum of f. tularensis: on the issue of tularemia immunodiagnostics

Chebotarev V. V., Aksenenko V. A., Korobeinikova A. O., Chebotareva N. V., Bazikov I. A.

Congenital syphilis during the epidemic and poor therapy

Derevyanko T. I., Ryzhkova E. V., Kutsenko I. I.

Urogenital infection as the cause of chronic reccurent cystitis and female hypospadias

V. A. Aksyonenko, V. V. Tchebotaryov, A. O. Korobeinikova, N. V. Tchebotaryova, L. E. Starokozhko

Syphilis and pregnancy. prevention of perinatal loss

S. N. Alekseyenko, N. P. Soboleva

Informational support of medical prophylaxis in public health system

Starokozhko L. E., Chebotarev V. V., Krasheninnikov V. L.,Shevchenko A. M., Gaydamaka I. I.

Technological aspects and evaluation of bioavailability of rectal suppositories with a thick licorice root extract on hydrophilic base

Cherevaschenko L. A., Cherevaschenko I. A., Kulikov N. N., Berezhnaya E. V., Molyavchikova O. V.

Cognitive impairment in patients with chronic discirculatory encephalopathy and their correction at the resort phase

Starokozhko L. E., Chebotarev V. V., Krasheninnikov V. L., Gaydamaka I. I.

Assessment of hydrophil based rectal suppository effectiveness in treatment

of chronic bacterial prostatitis

Soprunova I. V., Belopasova V. V., Tkacheva N. V.

Prevalence of myelocele in the astrakhan region, outcomes and prevention

Lezhnina O. Yu., Korobkeyev A. A.

Modern morphofunctional parameters of the heart arterial bed

at elderly people

Nezhdanoff I. G., Botasheva V. S., Pavlov R. V., Telegina I. V.

Dynamics of morphological changes during wound healing on the uterus, stitched with polysorb abstracts

Baturin V. A., Schetinin E. V., Demidenko I. F., Basikov I. A., Kutzenko I. I.

Antmicrobial drugs resistence of ureaplasma urealyticum

Bazikov I. A., Aksenenko V. A., Hatkov E. M., Ghukassian A. L. Seiranidu Z. A.

Sizing and stability of silicone vesicles usable for transdermal delivery

of active substances

Kulakova T. B., Nikolsky V. S.

Change of the regional vegetative reactivity at persons with asymmetry of arterial pressure

E. S. Kesayeva, O. O. Basiyeva

Diseases of thyroid gland in young people

Tkachev A. V., Makarenko A. S., Devlikamova T. A., Yandiyevа Z. Kh.

Application of new treatment methods in patients with alcoholic hepatitis

Baturin V. A., Kolodiychuk E. V., Telbukh V. P., Malashenkova T. E., Alieva E. V., Maletskaya O. V.

Current aspects of food allergy diagnostics in vitro

Kesova E. N., Ovsiyenko A. B.

Ozonotherapy in complex treatment of thrombophilia in pregnancy

Garazha S. N., Grischilova E. N., Kholina N. G., Tchochiyeva Z. B., Morgoyeva Z. Z., Kashnikov P. A.

Effects of fluorine and silver compounds and laser radiation on dentine permeability

Nikonov S. A., Gaidamaka I. I., Ovsienko A. B.

Complex application of natural factors and laurel-inula ointment phonophoresis at the climacteric syndrome

Baturin V. A., Shchetinin E. V., Alieva E. V., Fedko N. A.

The experience of the organization of bacteriological aid for children in the out-patient practice review

K. R. Amlayev, M. A. Ashikhmina

The role of increased use of psychoactive drugs in spread of aids epidemic

V. I. Zorya, A. G. Matveyev, A. A. Krasilnikov

Problems of classification, diagnostics and treatment of bone tumors

V. V. Sizonov, M. I. Cogan

The role of transforming growth factor β in diagnostics of hydronephrosis in children


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