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Issue 2011-4

A. S. Kalmykova, E. M. Sarieva

Incidence, features of physical development and clinical characteristics of essential arterial hypertensia at teenagers of stavropol

Teplyakova E. D., Savisko A. A., Shestopalov A. V., Parmon S. P., Nelassov N. Yu., Tarassova N. E., Aslanyan K. S.

Role of neopterin in the formation of cardiovascular complications among children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Mambetova A. M., Zhetishev R. A.

Arterial hypertension in children with vesicoureteral reflux and reflux nephropathy

Bragin E. A., Dolgalev A. A.

Treatment of partial teeth loss using clasp dental prosthesis with different fixation systems

Vodolatsky M. P., Pavlov A. A., Nekrasova A. A.

The nature and pathogenesis of periodontal inflammatory process development in children

Garazha N. N., Maiboroda Ju. N., Markina T. V.

Cytoenzymochemical estimation of «galavit» efficiency in chronic generalized periodontitis

Khristoforando D. Yu.

Craniofacial trauma as a factor of cognitive infringements

Bondarenko O. S., Risovannaya O. N., Bondarenko A. N.

Chronic catarrhal gingivitis management, dental health and quality of life

Garazha S. N., Kazaryants E. A., Grishilova E. N., Zotov B. N.

Estimation of microbial colonization of stomatological constructional alloys

LapinА N. V.

Orthopedic preparationof the patients with deformityof dentitions and concomitant illnesses

Dolgova I. N., Starodubcev A. I.

Correction of cronic cerebrovascular disorders in patients with arterial hypertension

Boyko E. O., Lozhnikova L. E., Zaytseva O. G., Ageev M. I., Strizhev V. A., Mylnikova J. A.

The dynamic parameters of life quality of patients with alcohol dependence

Voznenko A. A., Aksenova V. A., Odinets V. S.

Correction of liver function in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

Aliyeva E. V., Kobzar L. V., Frolova T. V., Borovkovа E. A.

Monitoring of stenotrophmonas maltophilia strains hospital circulation

Popov P. N., Rtischeva L. V., Degtyareva L. V., Levchenko B. I., Tikhenko N. I., Ostapovich V. V.

Epizootic activity of natural foci of tularemia in the stavropol territory

Chukov S. Z., Balabekov A. V., Gromova J. V., Polyakova M. B.

Changes of the cellular cycle in areas of metaplasia at chronic atrophic gastritis

Baichorov E. Kh., Makushkin R. Z., Baturin V. A., Oganesyan A. V., Bairamukov R. R., Semenov S. S.

Bacterial landscape and sensitivity of microfloral culture to antibiotics in patients with extensive necrotic complications of acute destructive pancreatitis

Makushkin R. Z., Muravyov K. A., Khatsiev B. B., Mysnik V. I., Petizhev E. B.

Clinical pharmacological analysis of the treatment cost of purulent peritonitis


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