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Issue 2010-4

Yakovlev V.M., Bakulina E.G.

Molecular-genetic and structure functional aspects of bone tissue dysplasia in postnatal ontogenesis period

Dolgova I.N.

Higher cerebral functions and cerebral haemodynamics at discirculatory encephalopaty

Каziyеv А.H.

Cerebral hemodynamics at early and late neurosyphilis manifestations

Filipenko P.S., Shutko I.S.

Evaluation of intoxication at necrotizing pneumonia and acute lung abscess

Yagoda А.V., Grigoryan Ya.S., Gladkikh N.N.

QT interval variation and heart connective tissue dysplasia

Chernov V.N., Mareyev D.V.

On the issue of pathogenesis of abdominal sepsis

Suzdaltsev I.V., Kubanov S.I., Pykhtin Yu.Yu.

The tissue pressure in the differential diagnostics of thyroid gland knot formations

Shetogubov A.I.

Forecasting of pyoinflammatory complications in treatment of colorectal cancer

Korobka V.L., Gromyko R.E.

A new method of compressive antireflux ureterointestinal anastomosis with drainage formation

Apaguni A.E., Arzumanov S.V., Vorotnikov A.A., Ulyanchenko M.I.

Anatomico-functional outcomes of surgical treatment of patients with humeral shaft fractures

Alabut A.V., Sikilinda V.D., Salum N.Y.

Blood-saving techniques application in endoprosthetics of lower extremities large joints

Tchebotaryov V.V., Baturin V.A., Tamrazova O.B., Dzanayeva E.V., Galkina O.V.

Inflammatory processes of small pelvis organs: questions and solutions

Germanova O.N., Golubeva M.V., Baricheva L.Y.

Bronchial obstruction in children with respiratory tract infections

Sirak S.V., Sletov A.A., Gandylyan K.S., Zekeryaev R.S., Muratova A.Yu.

Regeneration of defects of the jaws against the syndrome of «mutual aggravation”

Bondar T.P., Isсhkova N.M., Melchenko E.A., Elkanova A.B.

The atomic–forced mycroscopy in study of eosinophils morphofunchional state in patients suffering from toxocariosis

Chaplygina E.V., Sikorenko T.M., Ossipov D.P., Elizarova E.S.

The somatotypological characteristic of the rostov region population in age aspect

Lavreshin P.M., Botasheva V.S., Gobedzhishvili V.V., Kelasov I.G.

The dynamics of morphologic changes in the abdominal cavity in it’s mechanical injury

Goncharov J.V., Parfeynikov S.A., Gabrielian N.V., Berezhnaya E.S.

Evaluation of pharmaceutical retailer success

Eliseyev V.A., Andreyeva I.N.

Pharmaceutical assortment management for effective provision with immunomodulators

Sergeyev D.N.

The estimation of rendering medicalsanitary assistance to the patients with arterial hypertension in dispensarypolyclinic conditions of rural health care

Pavlenko V.V., Kazakova L.M.

The poculiarities of osseous remodeling and efficiency of antiosteoporotic therapy in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases

Zafirova V.B.

Correlation of microcirculation and endothelial mediators with hictological changes in chronic viral liver disease

Chumakova V.V., Mezenova T.D., Popova O.I.

Quantitation of gallic acid in grass lophantus anisatus

Dzhumagaziev A.A.

Regional feeding trends for the breast infants in Astrakhan


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