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Issue 2015-1

Table of contents

Draft Russian recommendations.

Hereditary and multivariate connective tissue disorders in children Algorithm of diagnosis. Management tactics
Т Kadurinа; Sergey Gnusaev;

Original research. Pediatrics.

Optimization of rehabilitation of children with a vegetative dystonia syndrome in terms of educational institutions
Victoria Shashel; Ludmila Podporina;

Patterns of growth of mass and body girths in children and teenagers of Stavropol
Natalya Zarytovskaya; Angelina Kalmykova;

Infectious diseases.

Comparative characteristics of HIV infection in certain regions of Russia and Ireland
Marina Golubeva; Arthur Jackson; Inna Vergunova; Alina Gvozdik;

Original research. Infectious diseases.

Effect of Bacillus anthracis strains culture conditions on their phagosensitivity
Tatyana Golovinskaya; Olga Tsygankova;

Internal diseases.

Effectiveness of medical rehabilitation at bronchopulmonary syndro me in patients with connective tissue dysplasia
Maria Vershinina; Galina Nechaeva; Anna Homenya; Olga Drokina;

Adhesion molecules: contribution to formation of dysplastic phenotype
Alexandr Yagoda; Lubov Gladkih; Natalia Gladkikh;

The distribution of four-locus haplotypes HLA-A-B-DRB1-DQB1 in patients with pollen allergy
Bella Shamgunova; Boleslav Levitan; Adelya Sartova;

Students’ health resources screening and formation of intrauniversity preventive environment: clinical, educational, instructional and pedogogical aspects
Maria Evsevyeva; Vladimir Koshel; Mikhail Eremin; Ilona Galkova; Angelica Rusidi; Evgeniy Chudnovsky; Elena Korobova; Victoria Frantseva;

Experimental medicine.

Visualization of the process of excitation in the sinoatrial field of the cat heart at irritation of nervus vagus
Vladimir Pokrovsky; Ivan Somov;

State of hematopoiesis in thrombophilia of pregnant female rats (experimental study)
Tatiana Bondar; Alexander Vlasov; Anna Muratovа; Azamat Kade;

Hemodynamics and functional state of cardiovascular system of the red border of the lips in norm and at pathology (Clinical aspects)
Sergey Sirak; Evgeny Shchetinin; Ekaterina Kirzhinova; Olga Ignatiadi; Madina Demurova; Marina Vafiadi;

Clinical Pharmacology.

Systemic antimicrobials consumption in outpatient practice: results of monitoring
Evgeny Shchetinin; Sergey Sirak; Vladimir Baturin; Alla Sirak; Olga Ignatiadi; Marina Vafiadi; Gregory Petrosyan; Liana Parazyan; Eldar Dygov; Armenak Arutyunov;

Positive impact of melatonin and phenazepam combination on behavioral activity of rats
Eduard Arushanyan; Eduard Beyer; Olga Kaminskaya; Ludmila Sotnikova;


Features of the heart coronary bed in different variants of coronary arteries branching
Oxana Lezhnina; Alexandr Korobkeev;

Social medicine and public health service.

Medical and social aspects lifestyles and health literacy patient of cardiosurgical profile
Karen Amlaev; Vasilisa Zafirova; Rustam Aybazov; Rustam Aybazov; Irina Shikina;


Ranking of subjects of the North Caucasus federal district in terms of primary disability due to diseases of musculoskeletal system and connective tissue
Zhanna Boltenko; Larisa Chikinova;

Toxin-induced reactions in lead exposure
Elena Karlova; Boris Sheyman;

Premedication and mexidol impact on cortisol levels and endothelial function in operating stress
Vladimir Baturin; Vasiliy Fisher; Sergey Sergeev; Ivan Yatsuk;

Comparative asessment of the life quality in patients with hepatic echinococcosis with small size cysts in the cases of active and watchful management
Arsen Abdullayev; Arsen Koychuev; Ilyas Akhmedov;

Pentoxifylline therapy possibble influence on some pathogenetic mechanisms of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Natalya Geyvandova; Gayane Babasheva; Zarine Nigiyan;

Comparative assessment in muscle relaxants treat back pain
Vladimir Baturin; Valery Riabtsev;

Notes from practice.

Subcorneal pustular Sneddon-Wilkinson dermatosis
Marat Askhakov; Vyacheslav Chebotarev; Zuhra Iskhakova;

Eptakog alpha «OFF LABEL» application in child with profuse ulcer bleeding
Maxim Razin; Valentin Skobelev; Sergey Ignatiev; Alexander Gulin; Eduard Syrchin; Irina Schastlivtseva; Maxim Baturov;


The problem of demarcation of systemic effects and concomitant diseases in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Tatiana Zhdanov; Larisa Maslova; Elena Selezneva;

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