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Issue 2008-1

Abdurakhmanov D.Т.

Resistency of the hepatitis B virus to antiviral therapy: diagnostics, preventive maintenance and treatment

Levitan B.N., Umerova А.R., Levitan G.B.

Antibodies to microbic lipopolysacharide and endotoxaemy syndrome at chronic hepatites and liver cirrhoses

Burduli N.М., Pilieva N.G.

Correction of microcirculation disorders in patients with the outpatient pneumonia with use of the intravascular laser irradiation of blood

Kurnikova I.А., Tchernyshova T.E., Guryeva I.V.

The morphophysiological index and parameters of vegetative regulation of the heart rhythm in the estimation of efficiency of medical rehabilitation of patients with diabetes

Karlova V.V.

Eradication of helicobacter pylori as the pathogenicaly proved method in rosatseva therapy

Vafin A.Z., Popov А.V., Aidemirov А.N., Shushanov P.А., Malanka М.I., Dyadkov А.V.,

Hushvaktov U.SH., Abdokov А.D.

Modern lines in diagnostics and treatment of echinococcosis of the lungs

Voskanyan Yu.E., Zhane A.K., Shnyukov R.V.

Complex prophylaxis of thromboembolism of the pulmonary artery in the versatile

(multitype) hospital

Bortsov D.A., Obedin А.N., Kerselyan Zh.G.

Rational infusion therapy of newborns with hemodinamics disorder in the early postoperative period

Samarina I.V., Zharnirova I.V., Chebotaryova E.N., Nadeina V.P., Maletskaya O.V.,

Kovalchuk I.V., Kirillova O.G., Fomenko M.V., Volokhova I.A., Zharnikova T.V.,

Kocharyan A.S., Levchenko B.I., Zaikina I.N.

New laboratory methods and preparations in monitoring of leptospirosis

Gorobets E.A., Afanasieva E.N., Tyumentseva I.S., Vasilenko N.F.

Perfection of the reception way of immune rabbit anthrax capsule-somatic serums

Korobkeyev A.A., Sirak S.V., Mihailenko A.A.

Features of the аnатомо-topographical structure of the mandibule as one of the risk

factors of injection of root canal filling material into the mandibular canal

Brazhnikova A.N., Garazha S.N., Borovok M.V.

Clinical-microbiological research of the efficiency of antiseptic processing of a surface of hard tissures of the teeth prepared for the fixed artificial dentures

Gasparyan S.A., Lysenko M.A., Vasilenko I.A.

Features of local immunity of patients with endometrioid cyst of ovaries

Starodubtsev A.I., Starodubtsev A.A.

Asthenic syndrome in the clinical picture of traumatic encephalopathy

Budkevich E.V., Soldatov A.A., Budkevich R.O.

Influence of the cadmium on circadian parameters of variability of the heart rhythm of rats

Logvinenko О.V., Efremenko V.I., Kostyuchenko М.V., Rudnev S.M., Bondarenko A.I.

Estimation of efficiency of desintoxicaton therapy by results of cytochemical researches of blood of white mice at influence of four-chloride carbon

Starokozhko L.E.

Modulation of immunoactive properties of the disperse phase of gas making dispersive

environment of the foamy cocktail


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