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Issue 2012-3

Nikolenko V. N., Fomkina O. A.

Morphometric features and biomechamical properties of posterior cerebral artery: sexual dimorphism, age variations, bilateral differences

Lezhnina O. Yu., Korobkeyev A. A.

Morphofunctional organization of the heart coronary bed in myocardial infarction on intravital coronary angiography

Vodolatsky M. P., Pavlov A. A., Nekrasova A. A.

Prevalence and the nature of dentition deformity of schoolchildren in the main climatic and geographical zones of the stavropol territory

Bragin E. A., Dolgalev A. A., Bragareva N. V.

The problem of dentition closure disturbance in patients with orthognathic type of the bite

Bichegkuyeva V. E., Karakov K. G., Mayboroda Yu. N., Porfiriadis M. P.

The effect of phytolysine-dioxidine ointment composition on cytochemical activity of enzymes of polymorphonuclear leukocytes in the treatment of periodontitis

Sirak S. V., Sletov A. A., Ibragimov I. M., Kodzokov B. A.

Effect of porous titanium on bone marrow cells osteogenic potential in vitro

Maiboroda Yu. N., Markina T. V.,Uryasieva E. V.

Efficiency of immunomodulator «galavit» in treatment of exacerbated catarrhal gingivitis

Spassky А. А., Khokhlov А. L., Sinaiskaya М. А., Chapina N. G., Kurochkina О. N.

The course and myocardial infarction outcomes at patients with arterial hypertension

Kasyanova T. R., Levitan B. N.

Parameters of the left parts of the heart and types of the portal blood-flow in patients with liver cirrhosis

Shogenov A. G., Elgarov A. A., Shogenova A. B., Elgarov M. A.

Professional risks in police and other hazardous professions: management

Koroy P. V., Yagoda A. V., Mukhoramova I. S.

Adhesion molecules in prediction of antiviral therapy response in chronic viral hepatitis c

Doroshenkova A. E., Stavitskaya N. B., Frolova T. I.

Immunological research in diagnosing of disseminated lung tbc and pneumonia in general clinics

Vafin A. Z., Aidemyrov A. N., Delibaltov K. I., Pogosyan G. A.

Features of diagnosis and surgical treatment of recent iatrogenic damages of extrahepatic biliary ducts

Korobka V. L., Glushkova O. I., Gromyko R. Е.

Prevention of postoperative destructive pancreatitis and leakage of pancreatic intestinal anastomosis after resection of the pancreas

Bolotov Yu. N., Minaev S. V., Albert A. E., Korolkov A. S.

The assessment of diagnostic and treatment algorithm for acute scrotum in children

Vodovozova E. V.

Peculiarities of lipide exchange at children of stavropol territory, suffering from the intestinal form of mucoviscidosis

Tupikov V. A., Shamik V. B., Tupikov M. V.

Optimizing the results of surgical treatment of movement disorders in with cerebral palsy

Chebotaryov V. V., Askhakov M. S., Derevynko T. I., Aksenenko V. A.

Treatment of chlamydia infection of lower parts of urogenital tract

Agafonov V. E., Gervazieva V. B.

IgG4 antibodies to food proteins in atopic dermatitis patients

Starokozhko L. E., Gaydamaka I. I., Tishaeva A. V.

Assessment of intragastral foamy cocktail with carbon dioxide effects in patients with atopic dermatitis

Schetinin E. V., Baturin V. A., Baturina M. V.

Long-term monitoring the agents of the community-acquired respiratory tract infections

Bidarova F. N., Tsachilova E. N., Parfeynikov S. A., Andreyeva I. N., Gabrielian N. V.

Analysis of morbidity of the musculoskeletal system as a factor influencing consumption

of chondroprotectors in the Stavropol territory

Podsvirova I. A., Baturin V. A., Alieva E. V.

Microbiological monitoring of nosocomial infections in intensive care units

Sinyukova V. N.

Model of logic structural optimization of arterial hypertension controlled diagnostics in a clinical diagnostic center

Brusneva V. V., Klimenko T. V.

Significant factors and conditions of life, influencing and forming students’ health of the stavropol city

Mezhidov K. S., Kalmykova A. S.

Health characteristics of children from grozny

Adzhimusayeva L. R., Khalimova Z. A., Mammayev S. N., Saidov M. Z.

Consistence of blood limphocites subpopulations in patients with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis

Zhmyleva O. S., Kozlova I. V., Myalina Yu. N.

Clinical and functional, morphological and immunnohistochemical features of the colon in rheumatoid arthritis

Chebotaryov V. V., Derevynko T. I., Askhakov M. S., Odynets A. V., Aksenenko V. A.

Treatment of chronic chlamidia urethritis complicated by prostatitis

Takushinova F. M., Kalmykova A. S.

Small anomalies of heart development in children with bronchial asthma

Yagoda А. V., Bataeva A. S., Bulda O. V. Gladkikh N. N., Gordeeva L. P., Moskalenko I. A.

Occasional variant of heart affection in yersiniosis

Vorotnikov A. A., Thimbal A. A., Ocherednik A. N., Saneeva G. A.

Musculoskeletal pathology apparatus for syndrome connective tissue dysplasia

Adamyan L. V., Fillipova G.G., Kalinskaya M.V.

Experience infertility and coping strategies of women of childbearing age

Suzdaltsev I. V., Blokhin S. N., Nadein K. V.

Reconstructive plastic surgery followed by the radical breast cancer therapy

Bulkina N. V., Vedyayeva A. P., Savina E. A.

Comorbidity of periodontal and somatic diseases

Tkachev V. V.

Operative modalities of prevention retraction brain lesion in cerebral aneurysms microsurgy


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