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Issue 2012-2

Naumov S. S., Arushanian E. B.

Effects of tonizid and bilobil on behavioral and neurological disturbances induced by hemorragic stroke in rats

A. M. Sampiev, N. A. Davitavyan

Development of quality standards for liquid herbal extract of ononis arvensis l.

Podsvirova I. A., Baturin V. A., Alieva E. V.

Optimization of antibiotic treatment of pyoinflammatory disease in patients of surgical hospital according to local microbiological monitoring data

Lezhnina O. Yu., Korobkeyev A. A.

Peculiarities of structural and functional organization of the heart arterial bed on intravital coronary angiography

Guseinov T. S., Guseinova S. T.

Anatomy of small intestine lymphatic stream at dehydration and correction with perftoran

Baichorov E. Kh., Makushkin R. Z., Khatsiev B. B., Bashta D. I., Oganesyan A. V.

New method of closed laparostomy in diffuse purulent peritonitis by the system for minimal invasive approach

Savchenko Y. P., Pusanov D. P., Yakutin V. S.

New treatment approach to the top mediastinitis

Lavreshin P.M., Tumentceva I.S., Gobedzhishvili V.K., Gobedzhishvili V.V., Kelasov I.G.

Test-system for diagnostics of posto

Aksenenko V. A., Dubovoy A. A., Naydenova O. V., Totorkulova F. R.

On the issue of prediction of severe gestosis complications

Kutsenko I. I., Borovikov I. O., Khorolskaya A. E., Nazarenko E. I., Dehtjarenko J. V.

Pregravidal preparation of the women suffered from recurrent genital condilomatosis

Lysenko M. A., Metelyn V. B., Baranova N. V.

New cellular technologies in diagnostics of endometrioid ovarian cysts

L. V. Muraschko, V. A. Baturin, N. I. Ivensky, T. E. Malaschenkova

Pharmacoepidemiologic assessment of local anesthetics in dental practice

Krazhan D. S., Garazha N. N., Orlov M. N., Morgoeva Z. Z.

Potentiated effect of antiseptics and absorbents on microflora of parodontal pockets

P. A. Grigorenko, E. A. Vakushina, E. A. Bragin, V. G. Kravchenko

Prediction of outcomes of the permanent eyetooth retention orthodontic treatment using computer tomography and mathematical modeling

Mazharenko V. A., Mikhalchenko D. V.

Basic tendencies of professionalization in modern domestic stomatology

Koroy P. V., Mukhoramova I. S., Yagoda A. V.

Intercellular adhesion molecules and histological changes in chronic viral liver diseases

Bessonova E. N.

Dynamics of liver cirrhosis etiology structure in sverdlovsk region for the period 2005–2010

Popov D. A., Zavodovsky B. V., Sivordova L. E., Kravtsov V. I., Fofanova N. A., Zborovskaya I. A.

Clinical and pathogenetic significance of serum resistin testing in osteoarthritis patients

Yakovlev V. M., Fetisova E. S.

Diagnostics of ventricular extrasystole at postinfarction cardiosclerosis by computer electrocardiographical system

Butov V. S., Butova O. A., Kuzyakova L. M.

The physiological significance of individual profile of biogenic macro- and microelements of female organism at posture disorders

Stepanova M. I., Sazanjuc Z. I., Polenova M. A., Ulanova S. A., Lashneva I. P., Berezina N. O., Laponova E. D., Voronova B. Z., Alexandrova I. E., Sedova A. S.

Possibility of pedagogical technologies in reducing weariness of educational process

Fedko N. A., Dzhanibekova A. S.

Allergic diseases in children of karachay-cherkessia republic

Starokozhko L. E., Gaydamaka I. I., Tishaeva A. V.

Azotic foamy intragastral cocktail in treatment of patients with atopic dermatitis

O. P. Ukhanova, T. N. Shishalova, A. V. Kopylov, R. A. Getman, L. V. Lysogora

Pathomorphological changes of skin in patients with allergic dermatitis after contact with low-molecular alergic agents (gaptens)

Vorotnikov A. A., Tsymbal A. N., Konchevskaya A. D.

Extracorporeal shock-wave therapy in the treatment of tendinopathy of the upper, lower extremities in patients with complicated somatic status

Vassilenko N. F., Kartoev A. A., Kulichenko A. N.

Detection of specific antibodies to crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever virus in blood serum of people, living in the Ingushetia Republic

Efimenko N. V., Fedorova T. E., Ortabaeva M. H., Kozina V. V.

Efficiency of complex resort treatment of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease by application of biologically active food additive metabolit plus

Elkanova A. Kh., Kalmykova A. S.

Effect of fungal sensitization on the severity of the bronchial asthma course in children

Nezhdanov I. G., Pavlov R. V., Aksenenko V. A., Telegina I. V.

Current aspects of uterine rupture in scars after previous cesarean section

Zakaidze S. I.

Optimization of medical-diagnostic complex of varicocele children and adolescents management

Boyeva O.I., Bulgakova N.E., Ivanenko A.S., Kolesnikov V.N., Ermakov S.V.

Antithrombotic therapy in patients who have nonvalvular atrial fibrillation

Akhmadov T. Z.

The role of rural medical service in health care organization at terek region in ХIХ – early XX century (by example of chechnya)

Agranovich N. V., Hodzhayan A. B., Sokhach A. Ya., Shchetinin E. V.

Distance education as a modern form of medical personnel training

Yagoda A. V., Gladkikh N. N., Gasparyan N. V., Koroy P. V., Septa I. G.

A clinical case of recurrent peripartum cardiomyopathy complicated by intracardiac thrombosis

F. T. Malyhin

The problems of life quality in the senior age group of patients


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