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Issue 2011-1

Malykhin F.T.

Quality of life of middle age and old age patients with chronic obstructive bronchitis in the stage of aggravation

Pozdnyakova O.Yu., Baturin V.A.

Features of clinical manifestations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

according to age

Geyvandova N.I., Belova N.G., Aleksandrovich G.A.

Serum cytokines in the patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and their connection with the intensity of morphological changes

Temnikova E.A.

Quality of life of elderly patients with chronic heart failure

Boyev I.V., Uvarov Vl.V., Akhverdova O.A., Yakshin V.A.

Pathogenetic intencive complex therapy of postreactive disorders after extreme

cases (beslan)

Chursin V.V., Tatarkulova Z.M., Nebytov K.V.

Screening-diagnostics of chronic cerebrovascular deficiency from the position of constitutional medicine

Boyev O.I., Meksicheva L.N., Zolotaryov S.V., Mukhiyarova E.N.

Comparative effectiveness of rehabilitation approach and placebo in the late period of mild intracranial traumas in combatants

Dolgova I.N., Starodubtsev A.I.

The chronic cerebrovascular pathology in young patients

Frantseva V.O.

Deviant behavior diagnostics at children of different age groups

Kalyuzhny E.A., Kuzmichev J.G., Lukyanova I.V., Ashina M.V.

Characteristics of adolescent vegetative adaptation according to саrdiointervalography results

Streltsova E.V., Kalmykova A.S.

The famyly analysis of fenes at connective tissue dysplasia syndrome

Pavlov R.V., Kundokhova M.S.

Immunological criteria for early prediction of external endometriosis recurrence

Gasparyan S.A., Afanasova E.P., Starichenko L.V.

Experience of genitals prolapse treatment using reticular endoprostheses

Levchenko N.V., Efremenko V.I.

Avian influenza virus express diagnostics in the environmental samples with low

concentration of the pathogen

Alabut A.V.

Active prevention of the thromboembolic complications in large joints endoprosthesis replacement

Sirak S.V., Sletov A.A., Gandylyan K.S., Dagueva M.V.

Direct dental implantation in patients with included dentition defects

Chaplygina H.V., Sidorova H.N., Zhukova N.P., Gubar A.S., Kiimova S.I.

The anatomical structure patterns of the digestive system in persons with different somatotypes according to ultrasound research

Sharshov F.G., Pavlenko V.L., Spiridonova E.A., Roumiantsev S.A., Prometnoy D.V., Chernozubenko A.V.

Effectiveness of the system of the consultative medical aid at qualificated stage for children with severe traumatic injuries in the hospitals

Batyrina M.V.

Atherosclerosis risk factors detection in the students population as a first step to prenosological diagnostics of cardiovascular diseases

Peculiarities of clinical course of type 2 diabetes mellitus in elderly and senile patients in different climatic geographic zones of dagestan republic

Levchenko N.V.

Biotechnology of production and characteristics of the polyacrolein (latex) diagnosticum for the detection of the avian influenza virus by suspension agglutination reaction

Sivun I.V., Sannikova I.V., Pervushin Y.V.

Platelets agragation in patients with severe and mild forms of crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever

Agranovitch O.V., Rudenko S.N., Gorbunkov V.J., Agranovitch A.O.

An economic damage from physical inability of children with epilepsy in stavropol region


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