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Issue 2010-2

Korobka V.L, Balin N.I.

A new technique of colorectal anastomosis formation

Zharkikh V.A., Lavreshin P.M., GobedzhishvilI V.K.

Optimization of treatment approach in patients with postoperative ventral hernias

Vafin А.Z., Abdokov А.D., Popov А.V., Hushvaktov U.Sh.

Clinical efficiency of application of principle аparasitogenity and аntiparasitogenity in echinococcosis surgery

Makuschkin R.Z., Baitchorov E.H., Hatsyev B.B., Denisenko G.A., Kuzminov A.N.

Detoxication in management of infected pancreatonecrosis

Lavreshin P.M., Nikulin D.Y.

Differential approach to wound closing after surgical treatment of pilonidal sinus

Koroy P.V.

Disturbances of microcirculation, endothelial mediators and clinical outcomes in patients with liver cirrhosis

Boyeva O.I., Ivanenko A.S., Kolesnikov V.N., Baikulova M.G.

Compliance to treatment with statins in patients with coronary heart disease

Kalmykova V.S., Fedko N.A.

Level of somatic health and risk factors in children of primary school age

Kalmykova A.S., Tkacheva N.V., Pavlenko M.S.

Sexual development of the adolescent girls with connective tissue dysplasia syndrome and vegetovascular dysfunction

Каziyеv А.H.

Parameters of vegetative maintenance at neurosyphilis

Dzarayeva Z.R., Bragin E.A., Goman M.V.

Parameters of clinical, graphic and radiological examination in evaluation of functional status of lateral abutment teeth periodontium

Porfiriadys M.P., Sashkina T.I., Schulakov V.V., Karakov K.G., Birjulyov A.A.

The dynamics of nonspecific immunity indicators in patients with maxillofacial area phlegmons and possibility of its correction

G.Y. Utkina

Social and pedagogical problems after divorce in modern socio-economic conditions

Agranovich O.V., Rudenko S.N., Agranovich А.О.

A modern view of the relation of the society to the epilepsy problem (by the results of population questioning)

Utkina G.Y., Frantseva V.O.

Children’s homelessness: the most common causes

Romanova L.V., Efremenko V.I., Kremneva G.M., Litvinenko I.L., Efremenko A.A., Kilinkarova N.N., Nikolenko T.V.

The influence of bionanostructures – liposomes containing drugs – on freeradical oxidation processes in blood of white mice in the case of carbon tetrachloride intoxication

Beyer E.V., Bulgacova A.S., Scornyacov A.A., Arushanian E.B.

Antistressor properties of pineal hormone melatonin in dependence of experimental model and kind of stress

Kremneva G.M., Efremenko V.I., Romanova L.V., Litvinenko I.L., Efremenko A.A., Kilinkarova N.N., Nikolenko T.V.

The therapeutic effect of liposome nanocontainers composed of drugs in the case of salmonella intoxication

Gevandova M.G., Khodzayan A.B., Botasheva V. S., Krasnova L.A.,

Fedorenko N.N., Elbekyan K.S., Boldyreva G.I.

Integrated multienvironmental influence of the hard metals salts on the state of digestion system organs of the experimental animals

Inozemtseva M.A., Nikiforova E.M.

Central hemodynamic parameters in children with autonomic nervous system disorders treated by valeriana officinalis

Ushakova O.V.

Function of pancreas and response to the antiviral treatment in chronic hepatitis

Zhdanov Y.S.

LYS198ASN polymorphism of edn1 gene and myocardial remodeling processes in patients with minor heart anomalies

Likhanos O.V., Yagoda A.V.

Vasoactive prostanoids and von willebrand factor in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


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