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Positive impact of ultrasound in management of acute appendicitis in children

Alessandro Raffaele; Piero Romano; Marinella Guazzotti; Fabrizio Vatta; Silvia Cavaiuolo; Marco Brunero; Luigi Avolio; Gian Battista Parigi;

In the sturdy was to quantify the impact of ultrasound (US) in the diagnosis and general management of acute appendicitis in children. Retrospective review of children assessed for acute abdominal pain in the Emergency Department (ED). Out of 327 patients, 145 (44.4 %) were examined also with US. A total of 154 patients underwent surgery, of which 67 (43.6 %) after US scan and 87 (56.4 %) with no US. Differences in surgical timing and procedure, histologic findings and length of stay in the two groups were analyzed. In the US group the time gap between first examinations in ED to surgical intervention almost halved; operative time was shorter and total length of stay reduced. In conclusions, our study confirms the highly positive value of US evaluation in the initial assessment of abdominal pain in children.


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Keywords: acute appendicitis, ultrasound, early diagnosis, assessment, Emergency Department

Stavropol State Medical Academy
Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics
Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy