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Clinical peculiarities of myasthenia gravis in Krasnodar region

Yulia Khatkhe; Natalia Zabolotskikh; Anna Ivanisova; Mariana Barabanova; Leonid Shagal;

Among 344 myasthenia patients living in the Krasnodar Territory were examined. Of these, 246 were women (71.5 %) and 98 men (28.5 %), the ratio of men to women was 1:2.5. The average age of patients with myasthenia gravis at the onset of disease was 46.2±0.97. In the majority of cases, the generalized form of the disease prevailed (82.8 %). The eye shape was revealed in 16.3 % of cases, craniopharyngeal in 0.9 % of cases, respectively. The pathology of the thymus gland was revealed in 36 patients. Early onset (up to 40 years) of myasthenia gravis was observed in 142 patients, 114 debut women and 28 men respectively. The ratio of men to women was 1: 4. Oculomotor disorders in the form of asymmetric ptosis and diplopia (weakness in extraocular muscles) with minimal lesion in the bulbar group of muscles and skeletal muscles prevailed in the clinical picture of the disease debut in these patients. 93 patients were diagnosed late onset (after 60 years) of myasthenia gravis, including 60 women and 33 men. The ratio was 1: 1.8. At the onset of the disease, weakness and pathological fatigue in the masticatory muscles, the muscles of the extensor muscles of the neck, and in the deltoid muscle, with minimal damage to the triceps brachii muscle and extraocular muscles prevailed in this group of patients.


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Keywords: myasthenia gravis, diagnosis, clinical picture, thymus gland

Stavropol State Medical Academy
Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics
Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy