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Quantifying analysis of advanced glycosylation end products (ages) expression in periodontitis patie ts with diabetes type II

[Internal diseases]
Wolf-Dieter Grimm; Evgeny Shchetinin; Dmitry Bobryshev; Sergey Sirak;

Diabetes is an established risk factor for periodontitis. we investigated AGEs distribution in human gingival tissues and monocyte cytokine expression in diabetic patients with chronic periodontitis (DII/cP). Within indicated surgical procedures gingival biopsies were taken from 10 DII/cP and from 10 healthy controls. Tissue samples were prepared for immunohistochemistry using a monoclonal antibody specific for AGEs (6D12, TransGenic Inc.) and IMAGES J was used for quantification. Mean clinical parameters in DII/cP presented typical for severe chronic periodontitis (mt: 10.5; BoP: 84%; PBI: 2.9; cAL: 5.5 mm; rAL: 6.9 mm). In gingival tissue from DII/cP immunohistochemistry showed enhanced accumulation of AGEs (17%) compared to controls (13%). This study found that diabetes and periodontitis results in further AGE-accumulation compared to periodontitis alone. These results suggest the possibility that the blockade of RAGE may provide an effective approach in a range of diabetic complications including periodontal disease.


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Keywords: diabetes, periodontitis, advanced glycosylation end products, immunohistochemistry

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