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Possibilities of original «Bicyclol» medicine in therapy of chronic hepatitis C

[Internal diseases]
Natalya Geyvandova; Dmitriy Lioznov; Vyacheslav Morozov; Alexandr Yagoda; Pavel Koroy; S. Nikolaenko; Е. Glazkova E; Geng Liu; Ying Han;

53 patients with chronic hepatitis C were treated in multicenter clinical trial: 26 female and 27 male, 23 have received antiviral therapy in a past. Inclusion criteria were follows: ALT activity ≥1.5 ULN, absence of signs of liver cirrhosis decompensation and hepatocellular cancer. Bicyclol® medicine (Beijing Union Pharmaceutical Factory, PRC) was administered in a daily dose 150 mg during 12 weeks. A primary efficacy criterion was ALT activity. There were decrease in ALT, AST activity and bilirubin level in patients who received Bicyclol®, enhance in asthenic-vegetative syndrome as well. In the placebo group there weremultino such dynamics observed. Undesirable effects (UE) have been registered in 12 patients and appeared as a clinically negligible deviations in laboratory tests and were resulted from course of the main disease. In conclusions, Bicyclol® medicine has demonstrated efficacy in decrease of ALT activity, however no such effect was in placebo group. Tested medicine Bicyclol® is characterized with favorable safety profile and good tolerability. Bicyclol® use is reasonable in patients with active CHC with contraindications to antiviral treatment or after its fail.


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Keywords: chronic hepatitis C, pathogenetic therapy, bicyclol

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Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics
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