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Treatment of the limited contamination of vascular prosthesis complicated with the arrosive

[Notes from practice]
Alexander Gennadievich Makeev; Sergey Alexandrovich Kyshtymov; Eduard Vladimirovich Shinkevich; Victor Gennadievich Kutorkin; Maxim Pavlovich Gruzin; Pavel Ivanovich Muravyov; Evgeny Georgievich Grigoriev;

The case report concerns severe complications of reconstructive surgery (bifurcation aorto-femoral bypass grafting) for chronic lower limb ischemia of atherosclerotic origin – limited contamination of the vascular prosthesis branch and arrosive bleeding. The infected lymphorrhea of the femoral wound in the early postoperative period is supposed to become a predictor for bacterial contamination of the vascular graft, which induced cutting of anastomosis ligatures and arrosive bleeding in 3 months. Timely diagnosis and reconstructive surgery with the use of vascular xenoprosthesis out of the bounds of contamination determined reestablishing the main blood flow in the limb and good result of treatment.


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Keywords: chronic lower limb ischemia, vascular reconstructive surgery, vascular graft infection, arrosive hemorrhage

Stavropol State Medical Academy
Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics
Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy