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Efficiency of retrieval bags for use during laparoscopic surgery to remove hydatid cysts of the liver

Sergey Minaev; Igor Vitalevich Kirgizov; Mikhail Aksel’rov; Igor Gerasimenko; Jamshid Shamsiev; Nikolay Bykov; Alina Nikolaevna Grigorova; Alexandr Muravyev;

The effectiveness of various retrieval bags for extracting resected tissues during removal of hydatid cysts (HCs) of the liver in children was evaluated. This open, prospective study included 59 children with HC of the liver treated during 2010–2019. Multiport laparoscopic echinococcectomy was undertaken. Patients were divided into three groups depending on the type of retrieval bag used to remove chitinous sheaths and fibrous tissues of liver fragments: group 1, laparoscopic endobag without wire (n=23); group 2, EndoCatch bag (n=19); group 3, vacuum retrieval bag (n=17). Mean duration of the laparoscopic procedure was 120 min (71–193 min) in group 1; 92 min (59–168 min) in group 2; and 75 min (56–105 min) in group 3. The longest time required to extract the chitinous and fibrous membranes from the abdominal cavity reliably (F=3.455, P=0.044) was 17.5±2.5 min (group 1), and the shortest time was 8.7±2.0 min (group 3). Complications occurred in four patients and were minor. There were no deaths. In conclusions, the choice of retrieval bags for use during laparoscopic surgery for removing HC of the liver is an important factor. Laparoscopic echinococcectomy with the use of the vacuum retrieval bag proved to be an effective, safe technique for addressing HC of the liver in children.


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Keywords: retrieval bag, outcome, laparoscopy, hydatid cyst, liver, children

Stavropol State Medical Academy
Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics
Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy