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Reaction of the organism on implants with super hard metal nitride coating in hip joint reconstruction

[Orthopedics and traumatology]
Ildar Akhtyamov; Ashraf Yuosef; Rosa Kuznetsova; Petr Andreev;

An observation was carried out at the inpatient and early outpatient stages of treatment in two specialized clinics with 28 patients suffering from degenerative-dystrophic diseases of a hip joint. Each patient underwent a reconstruction of the hip joint with the corresponding osteosynthesis of femoral fragments with the L-shaped plate and screws, and the pelvic – with two or three spokes. The main group included 16 cases (in three patients the interventions were performed from two sides) operated with implants coated with a mixture of titanium nitrides and hafnium, and 15 cases were in the comparison group (one patient was operated on both sides), the osteosynthesis was performed with the help of fixers made of stainless steel 12H18N9T without coating. A general assessment of the reaction of the organism, local manifestations in the area of a postoperative wound, hematologic and biochemical analyzes were conducted to each patient before the operation, 24 hours, 10 days after the operation and before the removal of the spokes from the wing of the ilium.

No deviations from normal indices in the main group were revealed at the indicated periods. The bodily reaction to both types of fixators was adequate to the severity of the surgery. In the comparison group, two cases of local tissue reaction in the area of the uncoated needle exit were noted. Comparative analysis for a period of six to eight weeks after the operation showed no pathological response to implants coated with titanium and hafniumnitrides, which makes it possible to recommend them for extended use in clinical practice


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Keywords: hip joint remodeling, reaction of the organism, nanostructured coating, titanium and hafnium nitrides

Stavropol State Medical Academy
Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics
Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy