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Our experience of secondary multistage treatment for complex long gap esophageal atresia

Alexander Sterlin; Christina Ötzmann von Sochaczewski; Georgiana Fotache; Veronika Engel; Jan Gödecke; Oliver Muensterer;

Currently, there is no uniform consensus in treatment of complex long-gap esophageal atresia (CLGEA). In our department, we perform an anastomosis of the native esophagus after patient-adapted elongation therapy by esophageal traction. This study describes results, challenges, and complications of our approach.


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Keywords: long-gap esophageal atresia, multistage treatment, Foker procedure, Kimura procedure

Stavropol State Medical Academy
Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics
Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy