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Development of transdermal gel with schizandra and the assessment of the extent of its effect on working capacity and neurologic status of animals in experiment

Marina Makieva; Yuri Morozov; Andrei Voronkov; Eleanor Stepanova; Irina Remezova; Dmitry Pozdnyakov;

Transdermal gel with schizandra oil is developed. The research is held dealing with the influence of schizandra gel on working capacity and the neurologic status of animals in the conditions of single and the daily exhausting physical and psycho-emotional activities. In this experiment male rats of the Wistar line were used. Single physical activities were
reproduced on the «shuttle swimming» model without additional poundage thus endurance and high-speed and power characteristics of an animal were estimated. The daily exhausting loadings modelled «compulsory swimming» in the test of 20% loading from animal weight for 10 days. The psycho-emotional status of experimental animals was estimated in the «open field» and «the raised crosswise labyrinth» tests. As a result of research it is established that single application of schizandra gel has no impact on endurance of animals, but at the same time enables short-term increase in speed of swimming of rats. At the daily exhausting loadings the use of schizandra gel enabled the maintenance of working capacity and the psycho-emotional status of experimental animals practically at the invariable level.


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Keywords: schizandra, mexidol, transdermal dosage forms, gel, physical and intellectual ov erstrain

Stavropol State Medical Academy
Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics
Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy