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Efficacy of surgery and laser matrixectomy in the treatment of onychocryptosis in children

Valeriy Sataev; Armen Rafaelovich Kasyan; Anna Ivanovna Lebedeva; Vladimir Grigorievich Alyangin;

The study evaluated the treatment effect in 106 children with stages 2–3 of onychocryptosis of the first toe. The control group consisted of 52 patients who underwent surgery according to the classical method of A. Vinograd. In the main group (54 patients), A. Vinograd’s operation was supplemented with the laser matrixectomy technique developed by the authors. In the control group, there were 3 (5.8 %) cases of onychocryptosis recurrence. In the main group, one (1.9 %) relapse was observed. Morphologically, in the control group, the growth zones of the preserved basal epithelial cells with PCNA-positive staining, which promoted the recurrence of onychocryptosis, were determined. In the main group, an immunohistochemical study revealed a negative reaction of the proliferative activity of cells in the postmitotic phase of the cell cycle. Thus, the method developed for the treatment of onychocryptosis in children using a diode laser scalpel has shown to be clinically effective.


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Keywords: ingrown nail, onychocryptosis, laser, matrixectomy, treatment, result

Stavropol State Medical Academy
Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics
Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy