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Features of vitamin D provision of children with cystic fibrosis residing in the south of Russia in summer

[Cystic fibrosis]
Svetlana Dolbnya; Anna Alexandrovna Dyatlova; Leonid Klimov; Elena Ivanovna Kondratieva; Victoria Kuryaninova; Anna Nikolaevna Tsutsaeva; Elena Alexandrovna Enina; Aisa Eduardovna Zodbinova;

The study included 30 patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) (average age 8.3±5.1 years) and 30 healthy children (average age 7.1±5.3 years) living in the Stavropol Territory in summer. Assessment of vitamin D availability was based on the content of calcidiol in blood plasma.

Vitamin D deficiency of less than 30 ng/ml was found in 15 (50.0 %) patients with cystic fibrosis and in 4 (13.3 %) healthy children. Level 25 (OH) D of patients with CF not receiving vitamin D preparations was 15.9 [12.6–17.1] ng/ml, in healthy children – 24.6 [19.8–29.9] ng/ml (p=0.001). The average supplement dose of cholecalciferol in patients with CF was 3080.0±257.7 IU/day, in healthy children – 1468.8±132.8 IU/day (p=0.0007), while vitamin D provision in patients with CF was 32.3 [25.9 36.7] ng/ml, and that of healthy children was 36.7 [34.1–48.9] (p=0.03). Serum vitamin D levels correlate with age (in the group of children with CF r=–0.47, p=0.009, in the control group r=–0.44, p=0.016).

Exceptionally natural insolation does not allow to maintain the optimal level of 25 (OH) D serum in healthy children or in patients with CF. Taking cholecalciferol effectively restores the supply of vitamin D, however, the dose should be selected individually. The availability of vitamin D in patients with CF depends on age; the older the child, the higher the probability of vitamin D deficiency


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Keywords: cystic fibrosis, vitamin D, 25(OH)D, prophylactic dose, cholecalciferol

Stavropol State Medical Academy
Pyatigorsk State Research Institute of Balneotherapeutics
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